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  1. so its been a while sorry guys! ive been off accutane for 3 months now and everything is great. no acne on my face, no acne on my chest and almost none on my back. i got ONE huge ass cyst on my back for three weeks but its gone then and considering its used to be covered im very happy! so all is well. lips are back to normal as well!
  2. yeah i know what you mean, ive got maybe a month left on accutane. ill definately be off of it by the end of aug before college and im scared. im so worried about my acne on my back coming back and its so nice to have a crystal clear face and a good complextion. my hair is never dirty now too which is awsome. accutane is wonderful and i dont want to ever give it up
  3. so, ive lost track of time but things are going really well! face is completely clear, woo woo!!!! awsome. i think i might throw my concealer away. chest has one pimple and back has 2 small ones. the brown spots on my back are clearing up fast. i wore a halter top to my bfs house the other day and i went swimming in a swimsuit a week ago, in public!!! cant believe it. ha! so lifes much better. I've started looking around for shirts that dont cover my back. shoppings so much easier now, too bad
  4. going on month six woot woot!!!! oops i havent taken it in a couple days. oh well. tomorrow ill start again.
  5. hey everyone, so ive been real bad with taking accutane the last two weeks... eek, i should have finished the pack a while ago but ive only taken 5 in two weeks. acne has NOT returned though at all. back is still clearing, i have 3 active zits on my entire body, awsome! dont worry things will get better everyone, youve gotta have faith... haha! goo luck!
  6. man... i have a big cyst on the hairline on the back of my neck. it hurts sooooo much! uhg.
  7. thanks so much for all of the comments!!! i mean its not completely gone but i happy. and i dont think theres a way for the derm to tell if your acne will come back after your first treatment. i tried using a self tanner over my back to see if the red spots would fade. im not sure if they did but ill take a picture later and post it up.
  8. that stuff just made my back get even worse. ouch!!! the only thing that works for me is accutane. i heart accutane!
  9. well ive had bacne for SIX YEARS!!! holy cow, for the last 6 years i havent worn a shirt that showed my back!!! the last month ive been able to wear low cut shirts. Ive been on accutane for a little over 4 months, its wonderful! my chacne is completely gone and my back is soooo smooth. there are still a bunch of left over red marks. I have only 2 zits on my entire body. i used to have hundreds on my back. seriously!!! and pores used to be clogged with sebum and my chest would have tons of invisi
  10. Day 125 (About 4 Months) May 15th 2005 PICTURES!!!! YAY! what do you think!!! comments please!!!
  11. I love accutane sooooo much! its giving me my life back. haha and my back back, i have been on it for 4 months and there are NO signs of depression at all. its the bset thing ever! I LOVE YOU ACCUTANE, if accutane were a man i would marry him in a second.
  12. Day 121 May 11th 2005 So!!!! my chest is completely clear except for one small red spot and my face is almost perfect. my back is still completely smooth and i have only TWO active zits on my back! amazing! by the end of summer ill be able to wear tank tops. im so excited! woot woot! If you have any questions just ask! sorry i dont write too much its just that ive been busy. senior yr is so busy. so prom was a lot of fun and no one even mentioned the fact that my dress covered my back, maybe t
  13. Day 99 Feb 18th 2005 yay!! 99 days! so my back is super smooth. it feels like ive never had acne. however there are still some red spots and a few active zits. my chest still has some red spots and my face is doing really well!!!
  14. DAY 93 April 12th 2005 WOW, it has been so long since ive updated. sorry everyone. things are looking up. my chest is almost completely cleared and my back is clearing slowly. by the way i got my dress at BCBG. they actually had a bunch of pretty dresses that cover the back. man im too lazy to take pictures tonight. Ill do it tomorrow. oh yeah and my face is really good