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  1. Hey, this is interesting! I looked at the website, but there wasn't much info on it. How much % TCA is in the cleanser? If it's not too much trouble to type out, what are the other ingredients in it as well? Thanks so much!!
  2. Has anyone noticed that Revlon ColorStay Stay Natural Liquid foundation makes them break out? My skin has been pretty good (break-out wise) for a while, maybe only minor breakouts here and there. (Very good compared to how my skin used to be.) But now all of a sudden it's starting to break out after I started using this. Anyone else this happening to?
  3. lol when i first read this, i almost went and googled "4th dimension" as if it was a company i've never heard of ←
  4. Hey, thanks ya'll!! I just ordered some mineral makeup (w/o bismuth oxychloride)from eBay a few days ago so maybe in a few weeks I'll check out veggie girl's... from reading her posts here she seems to know a lot about what she's making and what's good/bad for the skin makeup-wise.... so that's a good thing.
  5. So no one's used or heard of this product before?
  6. Hey everyone, I recently got some depressions in my face from a glycolic acid peel... I'm not sure if they will be permanent or not since some of it healed, but the rest is remaining depressed. Do you think this: http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/deta...21&subcatid=190 will help speed the process of the healing and collagen production and make it even to the rest of my skin? So far I have been putting Neosporin on it, and taking Vitamin C and MSM.
  7. Hey.... do ya'll think it is possible to get a SUPER low dosage of Accutane to help out with oily skin? Would there still be all of the bad side effects even though it would be really low?