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  1. I have been on sprio for over a year. During that year, I have increased almost 2 cup sizes. While I have also gained some weight (which, for the first time in my life, is now settling around my waist instead of my thighs), it is not enough to make the cup increase to be expected. It seems like it could be a likely side effect of spiro. So my question is: if I stop with spiro, will they shrink down? Or is just how things are?
  2. Suprisingly effective for maintenance

    In combination with tretinoin at night, this has been surprisingly helpful. It has markedly reduced the amount of larger breakouts I get. I still have some small under-skin pimples that are note very visible, and some blackheads. But this helps keep a lid on the level of breakouts for me. The downside is the cost. This is the single most expensive component of my acne treatment right now, so I often relay refilling it.
  3. Hi jWeBB, You aren't going to like this answer, but here's the deal; after consulting with my friend, who is a biochemist, I definitely wouldn't split the pills. There are several aspects to this question, beyond whether isotretinoin is sensitive to air, that you need to consider: How does isotretinoin react your ability to handle the internal contents (you have indicated that you are not a chemistry expert. Do you have the right means to sterilize your equipment, perform the action safely,
  4. Here are some study summaries and links to actual studies on low does accutane (PubMed is great for finding medical studies. If you are in university/live near one, they may have resources to let you read those studies for free. Some are already free) An article with general summaries of low dose studies: http://www.facingacne.com/accutane-necessarily/ Meta study abstract on accutane, includes low dose info: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23013115 Low-dose isotretinoin in acne vulgaris
  5. Hi Move1, Its difficult to say how long or how much you need to take to avoid relapse. Even in studies where subjects took high doses, there were some who relapsed after 2 years. I know it is stressful being on Accutane - an alternative goal to completely clear skin is to get to manageable skin. I was clear for a year after Accutane (which was awesome), and then had some reflares. Instead of going back to Accutane, my doctor and I have been trying some antibiotics and topical treatments. Now,
  6. Hi Zero33, Did you find a good derm in Boston? I am looking, and honestly, all of the reviews are just getting me turned around. Any recs, or warnings, are appreciated!
  7. 03dan3 - that's excellent. I'm really glad to hear it is working for you, without too severe side effects! I think JodieeeAnne's experience shows that some drugs aren't a good for everyone, so its nice to hear about successes. ) Interesting to hear that you are on the higher dosage. My pharmacist had indicated that 600mg/day is pretty common for acne. I have about 3 weeks left on my current course, and while I have much less acne now, I feel like it is one step away from a flare up. I often get
  8. Hey 03dan3, Sorry it took so long to respond. The trimethoprim has helped, but it hasn't been a cure all yet. Its much more effective than Finacea for me, which is awesome. And now I can go make up free much more often now! So definitely positive. I initally got some nausea, stomach upsets, and headaches, but nothing more than I'd get after a late night out, and they have been infrequent. As long as you have close medical supervision, I think it is worth a try. Let us know how it goes! cher
  9. Does anyone have experience with the birth control implant, and whether it causes acne flares? I have had acne since puberty. Tried the usual treatments of tetracyclines, benzol peroxide, bcp, as well as any fancy treatment system I could get my hands on. Eventually went on Accutane, which was a godsend. My skin has aged a lot since accutance, and I now have big pores and some scars. But it was worth it: the accutane brought my acne down 95% and was definitely worth it. Since then, I have
  10. Just wanted to give a quick update on my Trimethoprim use. I delayed starting Trimethoprim for two weeks so that I could give blood, and since then I have sometimes forgotten to take it by 3 hours, but it seems to be somewhat effective. Less blackheads and white heads on face. Skin looks a bit smoother. Back is doing ok. Skin seems less itchy - I don't if this is connected. Ever since Accutane, I sometimes go through month long "cured" periods, when my body messes with me and makes me think tha
  11. I drink about 2-3 cups of green tea a day, but red marks still take a long time to fade. Plus, if you drink it very hot, then your skin is more likely to flush and the marks become more visible. I think green tea is good overall, but it probably won't help you get rid of those red marks any quicker. Makeup, such as a light concealer, might be your best bet. You may want to talk to your doctor about options as well. If you don't want to make a trip to your doc, your pharmacist might also be able
  12. For zinc oxide based sunscreens - since I am on a budget, I used to get Superdrug's brand sunscreen. Last time I got it (last year at this point), its main sunscreen ingredident was zinc oxide. It was pretty good, although slightly greasy - although I used mineral makeup over it, so the slight sheen was negated. Far better than Boots's Soltan range, or the Neutrogena Sheer coverage range. However, in the past year I have done a ton of research regarding sunscreen. The Environmental Working Grou
  13. JodieeeAnne - that sucks! I read other stories about people having severe reactions, and it almost makes Accutane seem tame. Hope you are feeling better. And I really appreciate the heads up. Accutane was a godsend for me. Had great, Adele worthy hair during the treatment, but very dry lips and skin. Granted, everyone has a different reaction. It took a while to work though, so hang in there! Good luck!
  14. Same here. Was just perscribed Trimethoprim tablets, but only 200mg once a day. The pharamcist seemed very skeptical about the dosage, and even triple checked the perscription to make sure they had it right. She was very clear in saying that if I didn't see any difference in 6 weeks, to go back to my GP and get either another dosage or medication. I've tried tons of different antibiotics, all of which had little to no effect, and done a course of Accutane (while I lived in the US). My acne is