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  1. I am currently in a foreign country and i am having trouble communicating to the the doctor that i am on accutane. I have an eye infection and have been given a tetracycline antibiotic. So i plan on stopping my course and healing my eye. How long do I need to wait?
  2. Hey guys, I've been buying accutane legitimately online for the last year. I have been using low dosages, started out at 10 mg a day, then ramped up to 20 mg/day. Now I have been on about 40 mg a day for the last 3 months trying to finish my cumulative dosage. 40mg/ a day is only a bit over 0.5 mg/ per kg for me. Anyways, I have been buying generic accutane, my lips got a little dry, but nothing serious, but my skin cleared up very nicely. Roche roaccutane however has made my lips about 5x d
  3. Haha it is self perscribed . And my source has stopped selling it.
  4. Hey guys, I've been on Accutane since about February. I started out on a small dosage. I began taking 10 mg a day and then after about a month I increased it to 20 mg a day. Currently I am using 40 mg of Accutane a day. I am tired of taking it, and can't really afford to buy the remainder of the course. I will finish all my pills in about 10 days time and I have had roughly 7,600 mg of Accutane. I didn't have bad acne to begin with and I have had clear skin for about 3 months. I am so scared of
  5. Hey mate I lost track of what day i am on. Id say about day 38 - 40. My skin has got worse again! I went through 2 weeks where my skin was perfect, I had my confidence back and was very social. This week and a bit though my skin has gone really weird. All over my skin is improved. It just isn't very consistent and I don't really trust it haha. Trust it as in, I don't feel like i could wake up at a girls house after a night out without freaking out and needing to look at myself in a mirror insta
  6. Day 21 Had a few pimples today.. but i think its because I ate so much shit on the weekend. I had a massive binge this weekend eating fastfood and whatnot after years of having a strict diet out of fear of making my skin worse. But this breakout is mild compared to what I normally would get! still very happy. Lips are getting super dry now though .
  7. Day 20 This Stuff is absolutely amazing. MY SKIN IS THE BEST IT HAS BEEN IN YEARS! I have so much more confidence and have gone back to being super social again! Only issue is I have to try to not drink much alcohol. I had a few little breakouts today but they are so small and tiny that I dont even care!
  8. I've barely been putting anything on my face except the occasional BP. I think my skin is pretty tough though. And nah mate, i'm going to get clear then cut my dosage back to a super low maintenance dosage. I don't really want to do a high dosage. Day 20 Now and have a few little break out here and there.. mostly just shit thats deep within my skin being pushed to the surface. Nothing bad though, probably hardly noticeable and something I can live with, as my skin is so much better than before!!
  9. I started to clear at about day 15. Currently on day 19 and basically completely clear!
  10. exact same thing happened to me. Except im only on 15 mg a day. I kept getting weird pimples on my head that would vanish in about a day during the first week. I didn't really get any pimples on my face the first week, well any unusual ones. However in week two i kept getting really odd pimples, usually my pimples form and then i squeeze them and they dry up and a day or two I basically forget they were there except for a vague red outlining. In week two of accutane i kept getting pimples that w
  11. Day 16 My skin is the best it has looked in years!! I have about four spots that are drying. So excited!!
  12. Day 15 Big cyst thing under my lip came to a head over night, I had to squeeze it though. So much pain relief. Usually my cysts don't come to a head or take a very lone time too. So this is wonderful! Other than that. No new pimples again! Old ones are quickly drying up. My back is also starting to look very clear with only one pimple on it. Usually I have a minimum of 4 or 5 big ones!
  13. Day 14 My skin has significantly improved today. All except a new cyst forming below my lip in a normal spot. My skin is starting to look clearer overall though.
  14. Day 13 Skin is not very nice today. But i can live with. I just have quite a few little ones around my chin and mouth. One on my cheek. But other than that my skin is looking alright!
  15. and i just got my first cyst in an unusual spot on my cheek! it is a lot smaller than the normal cysts i get on my chin. I'm getting really weird pimples, usually my pimples pop easily then heal within two days. These pimples however have hardly anything in them, take ages to heal and are a little redder i think. All the gunk is coming to the surface to around my nose. Not that it is that noticeable, but if you look closely it looks gross! It looks as though however once my skin gets rid of this