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  1. I use a concealer, and a tinted moisturizer. And i would encourage anyone boy/girl if they feel insecure about their skin, and would like to cover up blemishes and spots to get a concealer. It is harder for boys, as to look natural, but it can be achieved!. The most important thing is to get the colour matching correctly or it will just look wrong. I use MAC's select cover up in NW20, and it works well for me. You can get green concealers to go under a normal concealer to cancel out any r
  2. Have you tried using a Mattifying Primer underneath your makeup. I use the one by Murad, Not even for makeup but just as it seems to absorb oil off my face better than without it. ​Have you tried a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation, They lighter in weight, look more natural, and Bobbi brown has an oil free tinted moisturizer in a light shade with an SPF +15, which is a bonus. M.
  3. I'd say Bare Minerals is mediocre at best for dealing with oily/shiny skin. I Use a tinted moisturizer by Bobbi brown and that works better for shine than BM ever did. If wearing makeup try a skin mattifying Primer - the one by Murad is good.Only use as much moisturizer as you need. Over moisturizing will make the shine worse. .M/
  4. Are you using the right amount of moisturizer on your face? Sometimes we can be using the best moisturizer for our skin, and yet because we pile it all on we don't reap the benefits from it. A little can go a long way, using a serum under a moisturizer at night could make it go further. MAC have brought out some gel moisturizers instead of cream. Definitely something i will be investigating soon. I use Murads mattifying primer after moisturizing and that has helped control my shine up by h
  5. Hi Lauren, I share the same frustration. I have oily skin too. Come 10.00-11.00am my skin has a shiny film that looks horrendous. You are right it is the oil that causes the problems. What do you currently use on your skin? When having oily skin type it's important to carefully pick and choose what products that will be work for our skin. using something to harsh will strip our skin of the oil in the short term, but our skin will very rapidly increase oil production. Here are a few ways I
  6. Valairiel

    -Reduced acne by at least 70% -Less breakouts -Has generally cleared and clarified my skin -Experienced some mild burning at first - Caused my face to become red and inflamed for the first 10 days of use -My skin was more sensitive to sunlight -Skin has become more sensitive I was skeptical of using this product, as i had tried Benzoyl peroxide, which really damaged my skin. I used the Differin gel, not the cream as i have oily skin I also got prescribed with