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  1. Hi Jess!! YAYY! I'm so glad you took the initiative for Accutane! I completely get you! I was 22 when I started and I felt like I was too old to be dealing with this now. I'm twenty four now and I am so happy!! I was on 40mg twice a day from day 1. Therefore 80 mg per day which was intense. My course lasted 5 months and I've been well since! Obviously I have a few blemishes here and there but I can't express how much this changed mylife! I also had extremely oily skin on my T zone and couldn't
  2. It wasn't easy. 5 month course, gruesome, back pain, joint pain, dryness EVERYWHERE but I would do it again!
  3. Been off accutane for over two years and still one of the best decisions of my life. I still have scars and break out once in a while but I have been extremely satisfied I can finally look at my face without a smidge of makeup and smile. None of these pictures have any kind of makeup / filters. If anyone has questions , feel free to message me!
  4. wow sorry about the horrendously late reply! Happpy belated birthday! (if my math serves me right lol)-- wait, honey mask? DOES THAT WORK? i Have scars that I'm seeing everyday, but I'm coming to terms with them. They're really not all that bad, especially after remembering how my face used to be. But, seriously, does the honey mask work? haha Same here, I really don't want a "relapse"-- I think you're done now, how's it going with you?! Hey there!! I started seeing improvements about 2 months
  5. Hey there!!! Oh, I know exactly how you feel! My face also went from horrible to worse...hehe, and as for the chapped lips thing, it kicked in for me after 2 weeks of use. Others said they had chapped lips immediately...so I guess it depends from person to person. WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!!I used to be insanely thirsty my first couple of weeks, then I guess I reached my threshold and I was being normal again:P Keep it up! Wish you the best
  6. BETSEY!! i'm so glad to hear from you!!! Yes...we started around the same time...I'm so happy I had you as a reference throughout my journey! You're almost done yipeeee!!!!! My lips are almost dry-free!!! It hasn't even been a week that I've been off ...yet---they aren't dry anymore. It feels..AMAZING!!! The lips were our worst part, I remember discussing this hehe. Thanks alot hun, I appreciate it! You've been here throughout my process; and I'm still gonna log on here to see your journey! you'
  7. Thank you so much!! Thankfully, I did not experience any hair loss, phew! But I have read upon some people who have... It is super expensive, my employer covers it fully...but it was like 145$/month [canadian] for 40mg per pill /2x a day...Did you consult your dermatologist about accutane? The thing about this, is that...in terms of side effects, you never know that you can have--that's what's scary. What I did experience wasn't super horrible at all--except for the joint pain! You should talk t
  8. yes, totally greases it! But you NEED it...especially on your face. But , it's totally normal
  9. Hey everyone! I finished my accutane course last sunday...and I don't even know what to say... I'm a 22 year old university student that leads a busy ish life. The journey has been bittersweet, although the sweet overshadowed the bitter, if I say so myself. I was on 40mg 2x a day, thus you can imagine, side effects did creep up on me. I experienced a lot of back/joint pain several times during my course, and at times, it was unbearable--I couldn't even move. That scared me to pieces, it would ha
  10. congrats! I just finished my course yesterday! I also had joint pain; that have faded over the last month of use--hopefully it won't come back severely. I have similar issues -- I just want my scars to fade; and it's true what "Awesomenesssquared said --awesome username btw"---we can't really do much for 6 months; just need to keep moisturizing/cleansing with a good cleanser [i'm still using cetaphil] It feels amazing to be done! congrats again
  11. Hey Taylah! I'm 22 and I finished my course yesterday. The positives outweight the negatives for sure. Keep on being strong throughout it all; there are some times that sucked for me because I had joint pain; and it was awful ---but didn't last super long . The dryness is NO JOKE. You need to become best buddies with vaseline/aquaphor ! Use cetaphil for a cleanser and PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN! Especially on your face; it will bring you oodles of help. Overall; accutane was simply amazing for m
  12. I'm 22 on my fourth month on accutane and no hair loss I use all the shampoo/conditionner drying methods I have used in the past.
  13. thank you so much!!! I've been getting comments from old friends/coworkers that don't even know I'm on accutane and they're right "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EATING!? Your face omg!" ahha, it feels great but I still have a little ahead of me, the scars will hopefully fade! Are you on accutane? I'm so glad that you get compliments . Do you wear makeup? I've always heavily covered my acne, so no one has ever really said anything. I completed my accutane course. I'm now on Tazorac for scarring/red marks.