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  1. Thank you all for the replies. I'm on tazorac .1% and doxycycline once again. This time I think my face is taking it a bit better but we'll just have to see. Anyone else use tazorac with success?
  2. The parent thing isn't an issue. They are onboard 100%. We just can't come up with $900/month for the medication and that's not including the cost of the derm. visits and blood work. It was kind of my last hope that was taken away from me like that. My dermatologist keeps trying to give me antibiotics but they just wear off. I don't like him but I can't afford to get another derm. I'm seeing a dermatologist who seems to not care, a psychiatrist who helps me with my anxiety and depression, my pri
  3. I'm done having people point out that I have acne. Yes, I get it. I can only go for so long without wanting to just drop everything and leave. I have no money to try anything else. Accutane was my last hope type deal and it was taken away. Sadly the Regimen didn't work. Tried it for 6 months straight. I'm so lost.
  4. I've spent 800 to 1,200 dollars on antibiotics and prescription topicals which did nothing. I even hade micro dermabrasions and chemical peels. Last resort? Accutane. Doctor prescribed it, insurance denied it. $900 dollars a month for 6 months? I'm only 18 with a part time job. My face is my biggest insecurity. I'm seeing a psychiatrist because I also suffer from extreme social anxiety and mild depression with psychosis. I can't do this anymore. I am done. I've tried holistic, OTC, Prescription,
  5. I really think you should stick with the cetaphil gentle cleansing bar. It's really gentle on the skin so it doesn't irritate. It's worked really well for my skin and it also helped with my breakouts. If your face is by any chance oily you should definitely get the new cetaphil derma control for oily, acne prone skin with spf 30. Works really well!
  6. For me I just use ZapZyt or Clean and Clear Persa Gel. These are both 10% benzoyl peroxide gels so depending on how tolerant your face is to benzoyl peroxide I would highly recommend these two. They've worked great for my acne. If not you can go with something with 2.5% benzoyl which is said to be just as effective as 10% but with fewer side effect (dry skin, red skin, slight burning sensation). I haven't found any over he counter ones that have only 2.5% so i'm just going to stick to my 10%. G
  7. I've been wanting to try this for a while but cutting out dairy from my diet is pretty much impossible. I'm glad it worked for you though!
  8. I'm willing to give the less drastic path of treating my acne. The bother for me is just seeing inflamed pimples on my face. It's not bringing me down emotionally at all. I'm going to stick with my dermatologist to see how things turn out. I mainly posted this topic because I didn't really know to much about accutane. I just heard good things of it. The side effect's kind of turn me away from it and I plan to use it as a last resort type of thing. Does anyone know what foods you should stay away
  9. hitman87: I trust you on that one. I don't see the point of putting my health at risk for "temporary" acne relief. I don't mind trying different things until something works to clear my acne permanently. I just can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars looking for the right product. I guess if it has to be done then I have no choice.
  10. My acne doesn't really bother me emotionally but the sight of it bugs me. Might as well get it fixed. I just don't want to spend tons of money on products that don't work. We'll see how this goes.
  11. Thanks guys. I just went to a derm and I don't know if I like him or not. I was in the office for literally 5 mins for my consultation and he prescribed me doxycycline 100mg every night and some differal samples. I then left with 150 dollars less. I just don't want to keep paying $80 dollars per visit + the money on creams that could potentially not work.
  12. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.

    1. So i'm not sure what kind of acne I have right now but it's just getting worse. Maybe it's not as bad as others but I was just wondering if it's bad enough to where I should start accutane. Thanks for your help!