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  1. Hey Everyone, So its been some time since I posted last, been too busy sorry. Lots has happened. Not sure where to begin but here it goes. I found out by my new family doctor I have poly cystic ovaries, which is a contributing factor and probably the main cause to my acne. I was worried when I saw her because it was the middle of month 5 and I was still breaking out with a few pimples and also my menstrual cycle was all crazy. She told me I should be on birth control as treatment for the poly
  2. Thanks! Just saw your comment. Havent been on in a while. But things are looking good. I will post a blog shortly with pics! And defininately, I felt soo nervous starting and wasn't sure about going on it. seeing everyone's blogs really made me think it can happen. Now that its my turn, I feel great! Hope your journey on accutane is near the end & going good!!
  3. Yay! So glad to hear. I am finishing my last 3 pills and I am"cured" in a sense. Everything you stated here, I completely 100% agree with. I feel like a million bucks compared to before 6months ago. Do I think I will have pimples here and there, sure its normal. Do I want and expect to have the massive cysts I once had, hopefully and absolutely not! Overall, I was scared, nervous, very impatient and I'm glad its over!!
  4. KatrinaBallerina

    Day 120

    I personally saw significant improvement... full results definately after month 4 1/2-5
  5. day 119 , woooooow! i cant believe i am here. I jut want to share with all of you embarking on this journey with me everything thats been going on. It hasn't been easy, let me tell you. I had days where i felt like complete and utter shit. Acne has taken over my life, to the point where I have lost friends dont keep in touch, my social life is crap, im not social at all, i say very little and go out only as far as down the street. I hated going to school, i felt so embarassed. But I stuck throug
  6. Not to sound like a debbie downer, but it is a rollercoaster ride full of emotions. I am at the beginning of month 4 and still getting some active cysts especially on the cheeks and jawline. So dont be hard on your self they will come and go every so often... but everyone is different, so it may take a little bit for it to give.
  7. keep in touch I'd like to know how things are going and progressing with your acne. If you read my blogs u'll know im in the same boat minus all the bowel problems. and im currently starting month 4!
  8. So it's been quite some time since I last posted and thats because not alot has happened for me to be updating. I'll fill you in anyway. Same old buldging cysts, and when I feel like my face is semi decent and they're starting to disappear, another comes along. I can most definately say I have come along way from where I was before I started accutane. There was not a single spot on my face that was not covered with acne/cyst and how red it was. I've noticed that the pimples are limited to my fac
  9. well Donnie Darko, I hope you and I both get rid of those effing horrible cysts that just wont seem to be going away. Every time I think my face seems to be getting better, I give it a few hours till a new peanut like nodule cyst appears and im back to feeling like you've just expressed yourself. Cheers to hopefully a clear, acne and cyst free face once and for all!
  10. I found this post to be hilarious to read. not because of what your going through as funny but so true in how you've expressed yourself and how probably most people on this site feel while taking accutane especially those with the cyststhatfeellikefuckingfrozenpeanutsundermyskin!
  11. Here is my schpeal on my accutane journey, its been quite the bumpy road and even a bumpy face with still quite a bit of reddness and cysts.Cheeks were looking pretty good until yesterday and jaw line is such a stubborn area its un freaken believable! uggh so frustrating only because i swear every time i wake up feeling like my face is meh, then i continue on with my day and another few appear and they hurt. and then again, and its a continuous viscious cycle and im so frustrated and annoyed.
  12. moisturize like crazy, keep hydrated, constantly apply lip balm, and lots of sunscreen. I myself found several products that are great - Eucerin (i think its called Aquaphor in the US) or Cetaphil as moisturizers, Cetaphil for facial cleanser, any sunscreen with a very high SPF. I myself didnt find Blistex or any chapstix any good until I found my life saver "The Body Shop" lip balm with SPF 15 and vitamin E. After showering I use a body moisturizer Vaseline deep conditioning cocco butter with V
  13. hello to all those reading, i cannot believe that 2 months on accutane have already come and gone. As far as my acne goes, it too has come and gone. My face has a few actives mostly on the left side along the jaw line, and few pimple like on my forehead. Which to me is much less than what it used to be. I am noticing it is a LITTLE less red, generally where it used to be my whole face was like a tomatoe when i have major cysts everywhere possible on my face. Now it is mearly becoming less vis
  14. same - the itchyness goes away but now my hair doesnt get oily as fast.
  15. Ok so today marks day 43 or week 6 however u wanna look at it. And things are ok. last week was my first week or so on 60mg and no significant side effects changed between doses. just feelin a little more dry with the lips no cracking really just chapped but managable with my vitamin e & spf chapstick ( dont know what id do with out it ) i've recent ly developed a little weird bumps on my lower arms and on the upper forearm some rash like patches not sure how to describe it but it itches her