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  1. Hey, I wish I had an answer. I also have been on the regimen for 2 years now. My face still breaks out but I owe alot (ALOT) to the regimen, my face is cleared alot, but the REDNESS makes it appear much worse. It still looks better but the redness doesnt seem to fade. I use the regimen to a T.
  2. Using cleansing bars always caused my skin to be really dry and flaky, so I posted it here and they suggested I switch to a liquid cleanser its been working great for me.
  3. For me shaving alot with a straight razor is complection suicide, i bough a braun electric razor and it still breaks me out just alot less.
  4. I have one under the corner of my nose that's killing me and 2 huge ones on each cheek. Someone asked me yesterday if I got into a fight
  5. I tried using a manual razor for years no matter what razor or how gentle i did it, I always broke out I could count on it. Finally I went and purchased a pretty expencive electric razor from Braun, I get severly less breakouts.
  6. I know its hard but restrain yourself, stop popping. It helps
  7. BP has actually turned my brown eyebrows a redish color
  8. Im going to switch to liquid cleanser, but can anyone list some good "exfoliates" that are regimen approved. thanks guys
  9. I've been on the regimen for over 7 months and I've always had some dryness in the morning, but after I got done with the moisturizing porrtion of the regimen it was bareable. But now after I get out of the shower within 10 minutes my face is all flaky a little dry but flaky as hell. I try rinsing with everywhere from hot to extremely cold water each day to see if a certain temp would prevent it. I also tried just rinsing with water in the morning. I tried using less cleansing bar some days then
  10. I get one there all the time, the second I feel it coming i BP it and NEVER touch it at all. I just suck it up and try n make it through the day. Sometimes before bed Ill ice it. If you even start touching with it at all it swells up and perhaps even becomes a huge whitehead which is bed near the lip. Avoiding the whitehead is key.
  11. I'm finally taking the advicec of alot of people on and off the boards, and Im going to purchase an electric razor. Mostly because EVERYTIME I shave its breakout central no matter how I shave. My question is what is the best electric razor for people with sensative skin and acne. I know some razors emmit a lotion could that be bad for my skin. Please suggest the BEST razor for someone with bad complection regardless of price. For some backround info my face is oily, sensative, and i get breakout
  12. BP, does bleach over time, be carefull not to get it on the eyebrows really.
  13. I've commented on smoking/acne before, for me if I smoke anythingmy face gets incredibly oily and red followed by the next day with breakouts. So I dont think the tobacco or ingrediants cause acne as much as the smoke irritating our sensative "easily breakout-able" faces. If cig's break you out cloves probably will to.
  14. I have the same as you EXACTLY, my cheeks are clear but they appear to be loaded with acne. I get breakouts on my forehead but my cheeks always appear red. Iv had them for years so dont believe that if you drink water and just wait it out it'll help because it hasnt for me. I have the red marks that meet the definition but they havent gone away or even faded. Good luck I hope you figure out what to do so you can tell me...