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  1. Is this what it is? Hyper pigmentation? Literally I'm depressed over this I really don't know what to do there has been no change at all. Are there any products moisturisers, cleansers that I can use? I stopped using dans cleanser and switched to an Anthony gylolic cleanser and used freederm moisturiser a couple of weeks ago but still no change. Please help Cheers
  2. Hi everybody, Basically I have been on the regimen since October and I must say it has cleared up my face alot! Literally I am left with some dark bumps and a few scars but no new acne just one spot on my right cheek. The only downside is my cheeks are very red so I have cut the regimen down to applying bp twice a day every other day and just applying it once before bed on the days inbetween to see how it goes. Anyway heres the problem, I hardly ever got acne on my forehead the odd spot here an