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  1. Yeah, I've gotten a lot of sun exposure in the past few months from playing tennis, however, I always wore moisturizer with spf. I'm also struggling with flaking right now. Should I attempt to gently exfoliate away my flaky skin?
  2. I recently started following The Regimen more strictly after being on it for more than 2 years. After having a huge breakout, about 20 zits, I decided to ramp up my use of BP and my decision to stop touching my face. Right now my face is pretty clear from zits, but I do have lots of hyperpigmentation. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it without laser/surgery?
  3. I'm not quite sure if this is helpful because my sister isn't or wasn't on the regimen when she moved. But here's the story: she moved overseas from the East Coast and suddenly her acne kind of went hay wire. She's never really had that much acne in her life, but when she went there she started breaking out. I think it's possible that maybe the air/weather could of caused a breakout.
  4. Don't worry I have the exact same problem, however, it only occurs when I apply BP too close to my eyes. My eyes in general are pretty sensitive so that might also be a reason. I would recommend not getting to close to your eyes and possibly shutting them when applying BP.
  5. Thanks for replying! So applying make-up with my fingers should not affect my acne?
  6. I've been using the regimen for almost 2 years (almost 3) and I usually only suffer from one or two white heads on occasion. Recently I've not been following the regimen as strictly as I should and I just had a major break out. I roughly counted the number of pimple/zits on my face and currently there are 25 zits on my face. I know the regimen only works when it's followed strictly, but do any of you think leaving make-up on when playing a sport could cause an issue? If so should I just use some
  7. I did look at the FAQ and it suggests that I blot my face, but I already do and it helps for a little while before it gets really oily all over again. The FAQ also suggests putting jojoba oil on my face, but isn't it counter intuitive to put oil on an already oily face. I like the regimen, but this ridiculous amount of oil is making me think of going back to a normal skincare routine where I just apply BP to trouble spots.
  8. I've been doing the regimen for about two and a half years now, I do get the occasional zit, but other than that my face is pretty clear. As opposed to using the two finger amount of BP, I have been using 2/3 a finger BP. For the past year now, ever since I started using 2/3 a finger, my face (specifically the t-zone) has gotten so much oilier. Despite this oiliness in the t-zone, the sides of my face are quite dry. Any ideas on how I can get rid of the oiliness in the t-zone? I've tried using b