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  1. So. Im really dissapointed. I like just finished my course of 60mg/day for 5 months. And I thought it wall all good and gradually getting even better. But recently my nose is oily. i have bad black heads on my nose and the ball of my cheecks. And really clogged pores on my cheecks. Well, clogged, large, pores all around, really. I thought thats exactly the opposite of what accutane does. I know it is supposed to still be in my system so is this just a balancing out stage or something? i want to
  2. wow it has been a while! Well, I am now going onto my last month, month 5. Still 60mg a day. My acne has gotton much better, I am so glad. Three weeks ago I had given up but I havent gotton a single New pimple in weeks. I have a LOT of scars and I have the reddest skin I have had in the treatment. However, I know the scars will fade and the redness will, too, so, I am getting excited for my last few weeks to be over. It has still been emotionally hard. Waking up swearing I have a new pimple, and
  3. Thank you for the info, pretty sure it is gone because my pee doesnt smell or burn anymore, and i dont feel like i have to pee all the time but then don't. That seemed too easy? lol.. Well, start of month three update! Still on 30mg/twice a day. I weigh 119lbs btw and am 5'5. I know I said it was getting better, I felt like I was on such a nice path! Recently pimples have reappeared in the exact places that went flat? Its really odd. And much more painful this time around.. Along with new pimp
  4. Ive been drinking kombucha tea daily for a week now! Yeah, I'll do the canberry/yogurt. Do you know if derm's have to take you off accutane when you take antibiotics? I really don't want that! Hopefully its gone in a month, idk if i will even know, though, because i cant tell at all!!
  5. I use an aveeno moisturizing wash with lavendar and its really relaxing and nice & does not dry my skin out. & I also use aveeno's body oatmeal lotion. it is realllllllly awesome, too. and not sticky, it absorbs and then just feels nice. G'luck!
  6. So i just had my check up with my derm & I have a UTI! ;( she said we will wait a month though (luckily-because i had no symptoms and was on my period when i got the tests) and if its not gone i might have to stop taking it i think.. i dont know! I have never had one! Ladies, or men, whoever, WHAT do i do to make this go away as quickly as possible & can i have sex with a uti? (protected, of course. I understand what accutane does to babies.) ?! NOOOOOOO ;(
  7. I thought it would make my nose peel and hurt but it totally didn't! & my face has been pink and sensitive for a couple weeks now. Just make sure you dont leave it on too long, my friend i was doing it with left it on longer than me b/c she thought it would grab more but she ended up just having to put hot water on it and she didnt get to pull it off. So follow the instructions & you'll be fine )) let me know how it works & how happy you are when all those nasty pores are cleaned
  8. My skin goes back and forth on whether it wants to be dry or normal, also I'm on 60, too! im on day like 50-something or something. IB is just starting to heal (i think/hope)! I'm not sure what is going on with your hand, mine got very red and blistered but not exactly what you are describing, sorry! Good luck & positive spirits
  9. All of my blackheads were being pushed to the surface too, & Taylor, I read on your log that it felt sandpaper-y, I had been trying to explain that forever & thats the prfect way! Get pore strips!!!!! I was scared b/c my skin is sensitive right now, but it was so worth it, I did it right after I showered so my pores were all open & literally 90% of them came out completely! It felt so good to look at the stip afterwards and be like, that was in my face, but now its not, mwuah ha so
  10. Day 53! Alright, so it has only been one week since i updated about my skin, & it seems to be doing soo much better! I used a pore strip for the blackheads protruding out of my nose, worked like magic! And I have been eating healthier and putting tons of lotion on with a honey/lemon/eggwhite face mask twice a week & my skin looks much more radient & less red and feels good! The cysts are not gone but they are going down, or at least much less inflammed. My face peeled like crazy a
  11. me too! it'll be great no matter what I hope but it'd be awesome to be clear for it.. & yes.....I force her to love me. she's so stuck up! I love my dog more but my cat (Miroki) is much prettier.. lol.
  12. I'm on my first treatment 60mg/day 54kg, this is exactly what im afraid of! Sorry to you, that absolutly sucks, acne sucks, it's just an unnecessary pain, I'm totally unhappy in month 2! Hopefully we both stay positive & oh so patient, key word 'hope'.
  13. that's what mine is doing! it's getting wider & now has friends. I'm right at one and a half months & feel awful about everything. In a weird way, I am glad were going through the same shit, Itd be much more awful for me if i kept reading people's happy blogs when I want to take an exacto knife and cut the bumps off my face! however, YouTube videos of people's 6 months are literally my only hope. you ahould check them out! it's weird though, I can't even imagine myself with clear skin at
  14. need a miracle!: Blackheads are crazy, they came to the surface and I squeezed them out, then my nose was perfect! I woke up a few days ago and really shallow blackheads have emerged. I'm thinking the same thing will happen though, they'll come up & leave & hopefully not return. My back still spasms with painful like.. well pains, lol. it hasnt been daily like it used to be though, ?! Kaydon: ): same here, some days I pretend that I look just how I did on antibiotics but when I smile I