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  1. Hey Katie, it's been a while since I've seen an update from you! haha. How's everything going? :)

    1. katiekins


      hey girly!! im so sorry that Ive like, gone completely missing around here!!!! My skin has been totally clear since my last post and my life has changed really drastically it is so nice to have good skin I cant believe how lucky I am. Although I was just sitting on my couch thinking.... hmmm. I really miss my .org friends!!!!! I love you guys and even though my skin is better now, all of you helped me through things and I want to stay in touch. How...

    2. ndemalmanche


      That's so awesome to hear! I'm completely clear too! It's actually the best thing ever ae?? Haha. I went to my derm last week & as of next week im off accutane! So excited that means I can drink over the Christmas/New Years period haha yuss. I think I'll just log in every now & then still to see how everyone's going!

  2. katiekins

    Day 25.....

    Hi guys! Hope you're all hanging in there. My face went so downhill..... ))))): It was all clear but then my chin broke out and now the rest of my face decided it would be fun to break out as well!! Oh well -____- I have almost been on this for a month!! Im getting so mad because I was so excited and optimistic because my skin has been nice for this last week, but right when I was getting high on this new skin, it gets terrible again! I give up. ): I hope this month is the worst and month
  3. katiekins

    Day 21!

    Hi guys!!! Sorry its been so long since I've written! Work is consuming all my time these days but its the end of my three week mark and I needed to report! My skin is still holding pretty clear! I mean, its not completely perfect but its clearer than ive ever seen it and that is enough for me. I'm not asking for perfection, just some relief! But I'm so happy and excited, and I feel a huge pressure come off my shoulders... I so so so hope some of you are having success also! My lips on th
  4. thanks Paul!!! as always(: The cycling is the worst because you never get a break or relief..as soon as you think your clear you break out again! And also, at least with me, when I do get clear, I cant enjoy it because I dread knowing that it wont last. ): But were getting rid of it for once and for all!! (hopefully) Hope your well.
  5. Hi guys! So its 5 in the morning and Im not sure who all reads this anymore, but I HAVE GOOD NEWS! My face is.... clear! I have one healing scab on my nose but that is literally it! HOLY CRAP ASFHKL! I dont know how long this will last... and if your a guy you may not like this part.... because I always break out for like the week before I get my period and I got it today and magically Im clear! That normally happens but then I always break out again, but still. Im very excited. I wasnt
  6. Hi guuuuys, So I finished my first pack, whoo! Skin is STILL sucking, but its better than yesterday so Im trying to find hope in that! The drying is unbelievable.. had to use some aquaphor on my face and mouth. Lips are very dry, I kind of look like a monster! But Im perservering. Ill keep it to that! Also found out yesterday that I might have diabetes... bad news... going to the doctor soon!
  7. Hi guys!!! So today I ended day 12 on Claravis... I guess to summarize what Ive experienced is that this medicine takes a lot of patience and faith. Every day I have to force myself to keep taking it... because my instinct is to say, "Its not working so I might as well give up." But Ive perservered and Im really hoping it will pay off in the end. So my skin is still awful and terrible! My only hope is that Im reaching the two week mark, which is when a lot of people have experinced IB's so I
  8. katiekins

    Days 9 And 10!

    oh boy, you do that too? I am a problem picker too!! thats probably why this medicine isnt showing any results cause im messing it all up myself -_____- well at least you are able to hide in your room, thats the best place to be when you feel like that! thats what i feel like doing too, facing the world seems way to humiliating right now. But unfortunately my family and work wont let me hide, they are always bugging me lol):
  9. katiekins

    Days 9 And 10!

    hey thanks so muhc, you guys are like my second family(((:
  10. good luck to you, I enjoyed reading your blog, it was very helpful! keep it up, Ill be reading! Katie
  11. katiekins

    Days 9 And 10!

    Ya thanks Paul, I hope its a passing thing! I am just discouraged because its hard to go backwards rather than forwards... and work has been tough!! But your right that I need to stick with it and not give up and hopefully Ill make it to clear skin in the end... Im glad you got to the light at the end of the tunnel with your skin.. Your skin looks phenomenal in your gallery pics!!
  12. katiekins

    Days 9 And 10!

    Hi guys, Sorry about not doing one last night... unexpected babysitting sleepover happened and I didnt have a computer! So basically... I wasnt even going to log on tonight because I just worked 10 hours at my job and my skin is literally the WORST it has been in a LONG time. All over. You know how I said that only my chin was broken out? Ya.. not anymore. I seriously want to cry/crawl into bed and refuse to ever get out/give up but reading the encouraging posts on this site has helped me some.
  13. WOW! holy cow, thank you for that amazing post!! I appreciate and notice all the time and effort you put in making that thoughful and really trying to help, you seriously ROCK. And funnily enough, I wasnt going to come on here at all tonight because I just got home from a 10 hour work day and my skin is literally the worst its ever been in my life, and I just wanted to cry.. but I decided to log on to write in my blog and I found this post! These were all things I really REALLY needed to hear ri
  14. haha I hate bad derms that treat you like that?! You wonder how they wanted to deal with acne ridden people all day, when they have crystal clear skin. They dont understand what its like also, so I feel that they take forever to put you on the right medication because they dont feel the urgency!
  15. katiekins

    Week 1!

    ^^^ thanks so much!! its still rough but its gonna get better i just have to believe that! Have you gotten started on your accutane yet?