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  1. I've heard of several people using Alpha Hydrox "all over" (instead of just as a spot treatment) along with Dan's regimen, and they seemed to respond well. Just remember to be careful and start slowly. Some ingredients in Alpha Hydrox are considered comodegenic, but, as stated earlier, it really doesn't matter because the lotion exfoliates so well. Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion is extremely moisturizing, so you should be fine using it as a moistuirizer in the evening. During the day, though, you
  2. Maybe you should wait until after your important date to start. For me, the initial breakout would last for about 10 days or so, but everyone's different.
  3. Yes, it's supposed to. At two days, that's actually a good sign. Stick with it for at least two or three more weeks before making a decision about whether to stop.
  4. Generally speaking, Alpha Hydrox is less expensive than other brands.
  5. I have dry skin and acne, and I agree an exfoliant is the best treatment (at least for me). Try a chemical exfoliant like salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid), alpha hydroxy acid, or retinol (but I'd avoid the high-potency topical vitamin A some people are using -- that would likely be too harsh for your skin).
  6. A friend showed me an essay that was published in the Washington Post a while back -- kind of a humorous look at one guy's struggle with acne -- where he claims that, like Accutane, topical retinoids cure acne in some people (in other words, the acne doesn't come back when stopping treatment). I've never heard that before -- does anyone know if it's true?
  7. I use Clearasil Acne Fighting Facial Moisturizer, which contains 2% SA. Paula herself recommends it, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than her own SA lotions.
  8. I use Fruit of the Earth aloe to shave, and it works fairly well. The aloe doesn't lather, so be generous with the amount you use. I need much, much more aloe than I would a normal shave gel/cream.
  9. Acne.org > Message Boards > scroll down to International Forums