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  1. I've been recently getting a lot of acne around my mouth area, and notably right beside the corner of my lips. I can't apply any medication because there's a chance it might seep into my mouth. So any idea what I can do to treat this and prevent more in the future?
  2. Stan Dupcomic

    Masturbation-Acne Experiement 2010–2015

    Day 33, acne gone down significantly, but can't tell if it's caused by nofap or the other stuff I've been doing like working out and eating healthier.
  3. Stan Dupcomic

    Going To China

    I've seen several friends go visit China, and come back with 2x worse acne. One guy actually didn't have acne, and he came back with face full of it. I guess the main reason is the poor air quality there. I'm 18, and don't really get breakouts anymore after I started working out and drinking lots of green tea. But I'm afraid the trip is going to agrevate my acne problem. What can I do to prepare for the potential onslaught?