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  1. scartissue, i know what you're talking about lol. they're like int he back of herbal shops. they're the "doctor" in china yeah they were but not in america. my mom went to one of them when she slipped on ice in front of a chinese restaurant. he gave her some smelly thing to put on top of her bruise and it worked. i don't doubt that it'll help you, just the stop scarring thing is just too far fetched. but those doctors know their herbs. in their little town they were the medicine doctor.
  2. 100 bucks is a bargain? well if it works yeah. but i dont' have a hundred bucks to pay a month. lol you know what just came to me. it actually got to you. i dont know what she's using but customs has been much more stricter. wonder what she's using...
  3. 100 for a months supply? wow. where is this webpage? i want to see what she says.
  4. that sucks. she should tell you her secret. then tell us lol
  5. i'm using mederma on one of my scars. im not sure if it's from acne or just a regular scar. but i did notice another scar that's smiliar and i'm pretty sure i didnt have acne on that spot. anyway, it's on my chest and as a girl, some of us wear low cut shirts. i have not in my life. mostly cause i'm conserviate but once in a while i like to be sexy too, can't do that cause of the scar. ok back to my story. my scar, i bought mederma, super expensive. 26.99 for a sale isn't that grea.t it
  6. i'm not sure about really old scars. they'll heal themselves eventually but none of us want to wait that lon glol. i have old scars as well. i'm 22 and have scars from when i was 12. yes 10 years of acne, horrible huh? but i have started using vita-k for 2 days. i think i'm p utting too much on so i'm going to start using less. today i started to use the tape method, wash my face then use the vita-k thing. see if anything happens. what i did notice was my pimples where much easier to p
  7. so that's the difference? retin-a never worked for me. made my skin too flaky. i see the commercials on tv and it's just kids smiling. what good does that do me?
  8. no i used coppertone ummm 45? i know that some ppl get burned easier on the nose or on the shoulders. my problem was my shoulders. maybe buy that white cream that you see ppl walk around in with. if orgot the name, makes you look ridiculous though. i'd try to just apply the sunscreen after every hour. you're supposed to put sunscreen on before you go out int he sun i think 15 mins before you go out? so it can soak into your skin and then it'll be better protection from the sun. and even
  9. girls are more trustworthY? really? lol. she's a businesswoman, all businesswomen/men want is money. but then again i may be wrong. this sounds too good to be true, but hey try it. if it works, post it on here. the money back guarantee thing sounds good but of course you have to buy it first. wonder if it doesn't work will she just hide and never answer your email. make sure you get her phone number or whatever to contact her. i mean i trust the herbal remedies, although this isn
  10. i don't think it's good for girls to hit either. i mean in our society it's more towards men cause they're aggressive. i mean women can rape a guy too but you never hear it. cause then you think, omg that guy is weak, a girl raped him? for a girl it's more of an offense i guess. but it's still not right. but your story seems like shes a little psycho. and you should've have stayed with her just cause she accepted you for your acne. it's just pimples, it'll go away. anyone who won't go out
  11. i'm sure the sunw ill zap all the pimples away. when iw as lifeguarding, i was always in the sun. the whole summer i had no pimples but right after i was out of the sun my pimples started coming. so it was pretty damn bad. wasn't too happy with it. i didn't even realize it till i had to take my school id picture, one pimple on my cheek lol. and from what i'm reading it seems like you're doing a lot to your face. you're using this and this and this. when do you have time to tan when you're
  12. ask your parents? ask a friend? ask your grandparents? lol i don't know only suggestions is there a walgreens there?
  13. i totally understand what you people mean about being self concious about your scars. my forehead is all scarred and red cause of the pimples and i jsut hate it. i can look reall ynice and then i look int he mirror and the only thing i see is the scars. i mean guys are still attracted to me but i just wonder, don't they see the scars? i mean one time i was all good and everything, happy and just lala la. then i go to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror, my forehead was red and i could'
  14. you don't want to use clean and clear at school or wherever you are. when i was in class these girls would wipe their face with those things and it was just disgusting. go to the bathroom or something. then you'd see them look at each others oil yuck. the cloths look like shiny tissue paper or something lol.
  15. it's probably b/c you see such a huge difference in the beginning then after a while it looks like it's slow. i mean it's just a cream, it's only going to hide your scars for a while. sooner or later you're going to stop using it and by that time your scars should be healed anyway. this medicine seems like it's like a cover up. it'll look like it goes away but then when you stop using it, it'll come back. but by that time your scars should've healed already. i mean i'm not saying that iw o