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  1. Hi Well I can't tell by your pic but from what you describe it sounds exactly like my acne... after I had my first child my jawline broke out in these teeny white bumps, clusters of them, so deep down, and I had no idea what they were. I also had other bumps as well that were closer to the surface and I could extract some of them... and others would become inflamed. My texture was super gross... and like you, it seemed that more and more pores would get clogged overnight despite all my attemp
  2. Nothing from a cow diet - that's awesome! My problem area is my jawline as well, but I'm vegan so animal products are obviously not my problem lol. Great that you're able to pinpoint the cause of your acne and it will be interesting to see what the allergist says. Keep us posted. Good luck!
  3. Amethyst*


    You deserve to live your life to the fullest and hopefully Accutane is the catalyst that gets you there. I know how it feels to want to hide away. I wish you all the best on your course!!!
  4. Thanks noregrets. I've been moisturizing after I apply Differin as well, and I think I'll continue. Sounds like our skin is reacting similarly at the moment, hopefully it keeps going this way because I can totally handle this! Fingers crossed for end of June.
  5. I love this! So happy for you and your new beginning. Thanks for sharing!!! xo
  6. Thanks Jacinthaa!! Never thought I'd look forward to a little bit of an oily face It's MUCH better now, (I think I'm on Day 21, kind of lose track after a while) and I'm noticing real improvements. A small bump here and there but I'm just glad the comedones are leaving so the inflammation doesn't bother me. Kariya... SO SORRY you've had such a horrible experience with Differin... I was on Accutane for 3 months before Differin (I know, kind of backwards right). I had mild/moderate comedon
  7. Hi you yeah I would have really liked to have completed my course, but my doctor told me to stop... hope the Differin works (it seems to be doing something... I haven't had a breakout since my Accutane IB and I'm definitely having one now). If I don't have any luck with the Differin, I would try Accutane again. Even though I had side effects, it worked wonders! And was worth it to me. I'm not seeing a therapist at the moment, but I have in the past for some different things I think it's
  8. Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome Yep, pretty sure I'm having my IB. Thanks for the reassurance allision and noregrets, that things can happen right away, good to know I'm not a weird exception I was so happy yesterday when I woke up, nothing inflamed! But I didn't get my hopes up. Good thing I didn't because by the end of the day, there were lots. And today... even worse. So true what you said allision, about things not coming to a head, that's been happening to me too. But s
  9. Great point about the scarring! :)
  10. Hi vegan <3 lol. Yeah, same here!! I'm a vegan and I was recently eating 100% raw, all organic.. but actually got worse. I just went back to 80% which works best for me. When I was 80% raw, I was clear. I forgot what exactly I used to eat when I was 80% raw Hello Vegan!!! I've never done 100% raw, that's so interesting (but crappy at the same time) that your acne got worse on such a "pure" diet! Good for you for trying it out though. I eat a lot of raw too, I'm not strict about it but
  11. If that's the case, I'm going for a swim. I live right near the Pacific, gonna be cold but I'll be the guinea pig to test this theory and report back after a few swims.
  12. I've never heard of chicken specifically causing acne, but the chicken has hormones of its own so I guess in theory you're ingesting those hormones from the chicken which are messing with your hormones and that could cause acne? I don't know if eating non-organic chicken over conventional chicken makes a difference in that respect. If acne is affected by antibiotics, GMO feed, etc etc then it would. Again, I've never heard of chicken causing acne so I'm just brain-storming ideas! I'
  13. I'm so glad I found this! I've learned so much from you guys already! Thank you! I just started Differin 0.1 about a week and a half ago. I was on Accutane for almost 3 months but had to stop because of some side effects. I have comedonal acne, started about 2 years ago after I had my daughter. Clear skin my entire life then... I had a BAD IB when I started Accutane... tons of comedones formed pustules all at once, it seemed like they would be invisible in the morning then "grow" over
  14. Water helps! I always have water on me! But peppermints, gum, etc. are really good for dry mouth. I just do not chew gum because excessive gum chewing is bad your teeth and I've had extensive orthodontic work... So... lol. I'm not sure if you've seen them before, but metal water bottles are amazing. I always have one on me. Since its metal it keeps the water cold (from wherever you refill it) . I use this bottle for the most part. Klean Kanteen is a great brand of water bottles. I have the othe