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  1. You're wrong here buddy, collagen formation takes months and months, what you see after two weeks is not what you'll see after several months. Maybe you should look into what you're doing so you won't be yet another tosser who claims lasers don't work because you didn't get instant results from a single procedure. >I want to convince her to do it right the first time. Any ideas? Don't give her your money if she isn't doing it the way you want. Simple? Hi! Thanks for the reply. I only wa
  2. Hi! Ok, so I have some deep rolling scars, and today I had an appointment at this place where they do plastic surgery and chemical peels and lasers. I was already interested in the Laser Fractional CO2 procedure (that's the best I can afford). She kept telling me that for best results I need 4 rounds of this. She would use the lowest intensity the first time. Also, she said that I will only see the results 2-3 months after the procedure because collagen takes that much time to grow. That i
  3. I think most red marks disappear in time, because each time I got a scar it was red at first but in a few months it became same as the rest of my skin (in color). There are in my opinion 4 types of scars: Hyperthrophic (raised scars), atrophic (depressed hole), white flat scar and red scars. But the red scars are probably just temporary marks, not scars, but I'm not sure because I don't have that problem. I think it's safe to pick at a pimple if it has a head with puss, but if not, don't even
  4. Thanks! Who is the darkman? If your scars are moderate, I think you can get rid of them, or improve them more easily. And if you are a guy, I don't think you should suffer that much anyway (not that anyone should). There are guys here with severe scars, but they're guys so they get what they want just like every other guy. At least in my country (Romania), and from my experience, guys are socially allowed to have all sorts of things on their faces. Only girls are supposed to look like dolls. A
  5. Hi! I did see the link about the triplets. I feel really bad for the last girl. But at the same time I feel envy, because at least she grew up with her face, so that face is the only face she remembers anyway. As for the Danielle girl, well my scars are like the scars on her cheeks, but more numerous, I have them on my forehead and chin too. It sucks because they're in all the more obvious areas. My sister's boyfriend is a doctor (not an expert in scars whatsoever though) and he told her that
  6. Thanks, I'm thinking about it. I also thought about having fat transfer, that is a bit less scary since its from your own body, but some surgeons say it doesn't help. You certainly need courage to put something permanent in your face, especially with the story that the filler might migrate after years of having it. That is in rare cases, right? Anyway, do you know if permanent fillers can get absorbed right after having them? Or do they usually stay there without possible failure? It's hard whe
  7. First of all, thank you all for your kind words! Happy easter to everybody! And Zante, social status is not my concern at all, the only thing I want for me is a normal face. It does sound like it if I reread what the written post, but that's not the truth. And I don't have any pictures right now, they were deleted. But me posting them is a doub
  8. This is killing me. I stopped going to college because of my scars, they are really, really severe and deep. I look disfigured. I don't know what to do and I don't have money either, so I'm contemplating suicide. And today I realized that it's pretty much hopeless because even the most invasive interventions (like dermabrassion or phenol chemical peels) wouldn't do much for me, even a plastic surgeon said this in a forum. He said that deep acne scars are truly difficult to treat, and improvement
  9. Hi everybody! New user here. I was just wondering about something and I hope someone could help me. You know how the filler named Restylane contains hyaluronic acid? Well I searched more about hyaluronic acid on the internet, and I found out that there are some capsules that contain the substance, and they are filled with it, but they are supposed to be ingested. So I was wondering if I could just inject that liquid into my scars instead of Restylane because I can't afford going to a dermatologi