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  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses. After them, I called my derm to confirm that was the dosage I was supposed to be on. She confirmed it and said she prefers a relatively high dose. I guess I'm just gunna have to ride out this month, but I think if she trys to up me to 200mg I might resist. lol
  2. Yes! I've had what seems to be a sinus infection for about 2 months now. Along with it a nasty cough that seems to be a result from sinus drainage. I've been on a few different antibiotics for almost 6 weeks now, still it persists. I can't say it's accutane related though, as I seem to have chronic sinusitis as I get multiple of them every year. Nothing that's ever lasted this long though..... I'm on a really high dosage though, 160mg.
  3. I'm male, 17 years old, 5'11', 175lbs. I'm on my 4th month out of my 5 month treatment. My derm has me on a dosage like this: Month 1-40mg/day Month 2-80mg/day Month 3-120mg/day Month 4-160mg/day And if I'm not mistaken, I think she intends to put me on 200mg/day for my last month. Now, I just wanted to ask if this alright/normal/healthy? From what I've read 120mg seems pretty high, let alone 160mg or 200mg?!! I've felt fine though. My side effects have been very minimal compared to ot