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  1. Well, I've tried quite a few things over the years, including much milder attempts and none of those things ever reduced redness. Only difference now being pimples have gone down to generally 3 to 0 whereas I had fairly bad moderate acne in my mid teenage years and now I don't. That could be due to age for all I know though. Anyway, now it's pretty much just gross looking pores and that discoloration as you can see. I'm not even sure if this is rosacea or something completely different.
  2. Oh, actually this seems similar to mine only I'd say mine is worse.
  3. I've been using .05 tretinoin and glycolic acid pads to good effect, with a little bit of baking soda and with for a scrub. Only problem is I have a seemingly untypical facial redness in that most of my pores are stained red, stopping at my temples. It's not due to tretinion as it's been like this since I was 17-ish and I'm almost 21 now (only used it recently). If you look closely there's some normal colored skin in between the pores but it's hard to tell as the redness emanates from the por
  4. I'm 21, male. Most of my face is pretty red and unhealthy looking after almost 10 years of fairly bad, persistent acne. I've tried changing up my diet, washing my face often or less, with lots of products and nothing seems to make a difference. I wonder if it could be hormonal? Anyway, the worst of it happens around my inward cheeks, on either side of my nose. That's where I almost constantly have 1 to 3 really bad nodules and the like. The pores in those areas also very large all the time, as