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  1. An update: I have started a laser + steroid injection treatment. It is two lasers in one session, followed by steroid injections. I get IPL done for redness, then fractional for size reduction. Then all scars are injected with a steroid. So far I have seen fair improvements. After the first session, I noticed that my scar on my chest is significantly less sensitive. Before, if I just scratched it the wrong way, it would hurt a lot. After the treatment, it has a more "normal" sens
  2. It's been a while since I've posted- mainly because there hasn't been any good news. To correct my previous post, I had a fractional ablative laser on the scars on my jaw/neck, and I saw no improvement even after 3 sessions. The third session, I had the strength increased and it hurt like hell- but nothing! I will be going back to ther derm on Feb 3 for laser + steroid therapy. I found this article and I am hoping this will give me some good news. I encourage you guys to read it as well
  3. Okay, I decided against putting up pictures because: 1. the keloids are really gross-looking after the laser 2. the hypertrophic scars don't look too different after the laser I got the CO2 laser on my keloids on my back and pulse-dye on the hypertrophic scars on the neck/jaw line (I think.) I think the CO2 is supposed to take the redness down while the pulse-dye is better at taking the "height" of the scars down. I got some numbing cream on my scars about 1 hr before laser. I didn't g
  4. Homer: I am not sure what concentrations they were; At my third (last) steroid treatment, I know he used a higher concentration, but I am not sure what. Anyway, I saw about 15% improvement with these injections. Today I am going in for my first laser therapy. I am really hoping these will help. Lately though, I have not been as concerned about my scars. I am not sure if this is because I've become so used them, or because they are slightly smaller/flatter now. I am also not sure if the s
  5. I have been to the derm for two separate injections so far. There is mild improvement... I have had the right side of my face injected twice now, and the left side injected once. I will be going back for my third treatment this week. Right side of face/neck: On the one scar that was most raised, I have seen moderate improvements. This was the scar that I got surgically removed 2 years ago and then came back bigger. All other scars have not shown any response. Even the newest scars (less th
  6. I just wanted to "chronicle" my ongoing ordeal with hypertrophic scars, and share with everyone in the hopes that it will help someone. I am a 25 year old female, and have been dealing with hypertrophic scars for about 5 years now. I first started getting hypertrophic scars in college. I didn't know what they were at the time- just knew that it was disfiguring and unsightly. My hypertrophic scars are all along the jawline and neck area. I have about 10 hypertrophic scars in this area, rang