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  1. yes i am in middle of my second month and it happens to me all the time, i hope it goes away soon
  2. fedner06

    Day 27

    Everything thing is pretty much the same, just dry skin all over my face, i have to moisturize like 3 times a day. i have been breaking out pretty badly the last 2 weeks, i saw my derm on wednesday she increased my dosage from 30mg to 60mg a day, so hopefully good thing will happen this month. God bless
  3. fedner06

    Day 22

    everything is pretty much the same, just super dry, no improvement but still getting worse, ill see my derm on Wed to see what we going to try for month 2. i am using cerave moisturizer and i have to put it on like 5 times a day. it doesnt help must with the flakes
  4. thats good to see you are improving, i have been on 30mg a day for almost a month now and still no improvement. good luck to you
  5. fedner06

    Day 21

    everything is pretty much the same, face is super dry and flakery, lips arent that dry. still breaking out, just waiting for some improvement.
  6. fedner06


    yes mines are getting redder and sometime real big too. i have like 5 actives now and takes longer to heal.
  7. fedner06

    Day 20

    everything is still the same, i have like 5 actives now and they are redder than before. i am still going thru my initial breakouts and hope it stops by next month. hows everyone else doing? anyone on day 20?
  8. fedner06


    Day 17 everything is pretty much the same, still have 5 active and one of them is huge. i didnt even go out today, i stay home all day other than the dry skins, i have no major side effects. my initial breakout is killing me right now. when should i start seeing improvement?
  9. fedner06


    Hello people, Im a black male, 23 yrs old, weight 175 lbs i started my accutane journey 16 days ago, i have been struggling with acne for about 10 years now and i want to put an end to it. Day 16 i believe im going through my initial breakout out now, its not going good so far but hope it will stop soon and get better. doc start me off with 30mg and so far no major side effect but dry skin, had back pain the first 3 days but it went away. im currently using cerave moisturizer for my fac
  10. Good luck, i started about 2 weeeks ago, im in 30mg once a day, so far no sides effect but dry skin