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  1. yes certainly, in my case I broke out for alteast 3 weeks before it got better. Now my inflammation are well under control. I'm positive the flare that I got was from minocin. Hope that helps. S.
  2. hi everyone, Had a quick question - I was laying down when my phone rings and as I pick up the cordless, it slips, falls and the antenna (not sharp or anything..although pointed at the end) pricked my skin and I started bleeding for a while. My cheeks scar easily (this is were the injury hapened) and I was wondering is there anything I can do to prevent scarring? I went to the doc and he said that the injury was superficial and it mite scar it mite not scar, you'll only know that wen the scabs
  3. HI, I wanted to add retinA to my regime and I was wondering how do I try and avoid the initial breakout. Should I gradually increase the # of times I use retin A i.e first week use onces every 3 days,2nd week use every other day and then in the 3rd week move up to every day. Would this help minimize the initial breakout or does retin A cause a breakout regardless? Any input is appreciated, S.
  4. Hi, I've been taking tetracycline on and off for a couple of years now. Recently tetracycline has started aggravating my stomach and seems to be lossing its effectivness. I went to the derm and he prescribed me some minocycline x2 a day. My question is currently i'm taking 4 caps of tetra so how do i transfer over to mino? Should I A)stop taking tetra all together and start mino B) slowly (weeks time) come off tetracycline and then start taking minocycline? any help is appreciated, S.
  5. Hi, I'm a 21 yr old male. I'v had acne since I was 17/18. It was then that the derm prescribed me Clindoxyl Gel and Tetracycline. It worked well and within four months i was clear. I was clear for about 1.5 yrs when I broke out mildly again and was put onto the same combo. It worked again and within 5 months I was clear again. Recently in November I broke out again mildly and this time my derm prescribed me some Benzamycin and tetracycline. Within 2 months I'm cleared again. My acne almost alwa
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted some help with identifying wat kind of scars I have and wat options/solutions I have inorder to minimize them. Bit if a background: I'm currently 21 years old, been suffering from acne since I was 16. I currently dont have any active pimple ( have been free for abt a yr) but I have horrible redmarks and scars leftover. I have attached a few pics so any advice on possible action to take would be appreciated. thanks guyz, S.
  7. I was on tetracylin which caused those redmarks, but stopped taking tetra abt a month ago...but i'v continued to use BP. Two days ago i noticed a black mark that appread were a red mark was, it seems to be deep (maybe a blood clot??) S.
  8. HI, Wanted some help: I have a red mark that overnight turned black. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I'm currently using BP and some vitamin A cream (at night)... Any help is appreciated, S.
  9. Hey, My derm prescribed me a combination of .05% retinol + Hydroquinone 4%(been on it for 1 mnth, no visible results). I recently ordered some Lactic acid off puredeming. I wanted to know if its safe to use the peel while on Retinol. I'v read reports saying NOT to use Peels while on retinol while some say its okay to use them. Can anyone clarify this out for me.
  10. Hey, Had a question regarding the effectivness of glycolic/Lactic acid peel for improvment of redmarks. A lil bit of background- I'v been suffering from acne for abt two yrs before the derm put me on a combination of BP and Tetracycline. My acne has been cleared, but unfortunately I have red marks (tons of em) left behind (some of these marks are as old as 1.5yrs old.) I'v heard that peels are effective in reduction of red marks, leading to my question which (glycolic acid or lactic acid) is m