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  1. Legs are still dry, lips are still dry. Other than that, face is super clear. My boss actually asked me what im doing to have this new glow about me. That was so nice!
  2. So I spoke too soon about my face being so clear. I am having a TERRIBLE break out. Now, its not necessarily all over my face. It just like both of my temples are covered with huge cystic ones, and under my nose I have a string of four pimples. The rest of my face is totally clear. But the cystic ones are what kill me. They are SO huge and painful. Hoping this passes really soon. Lips are SO dry as are legs. My legs look like I have a disease they are so red. Any suggestions for that?
  3. Hi guys, sorry been so MIA. I definitely did have an IB last week ( a bunch of cystic ones) but they werent on my face. I made an apt with the derm and she injected them so they went away pretty quickly. After those healed (within a day or two) , my skin has pretty much been clear. Still taking it every other day until my race sunday (bc im still in fear of getting joint pain) but after Sunday I will be taking it daily..or at least trying to. But aside from my skin being clear, it just looks so
  4. omg mine too! i totally forgot to log bc i dont even think about the pimples now. AMAZING.
  5. My back pain went away when I started taking pills every other day. Im currently on day 11 now, sorta in IB but on random parts of face. Pretty much looks clear, but still have those few cysts. With makeup on, skin looks really nice.
  6. Its enough trust me! Give it a few days and youll notice it! I am officially in IB zone. Though its definitely not TERRIBLE. I mean, I hate looking at my face, but it could bea lot worse, Its a few cystic ones near my eyebrow, one on my jaw, and two tiny ones on my cheek. Hoping this goes away by next weekend because I have a work event that I really would like to look nice for. Good luck Steve!
  7. I did notice it actually, but it subsided. I also now take it at night so maybe thats why I dont notice it anymore lol
  8. Good luck! I am in my IB, but its not that bad to be honest. I have cystic ones, but theyre all kind of on my jaw or temples - nothing on forehead or cheeks, chin etc. I have two pimples above my left eyebrow, but I mean...this is why Im on accutane! Everything else is crystal clear!
  9. Trying every other day because Im psycho about seeing results faster. Bad news: start of IB with cystic ones, ouch! Good news: not on my face, all on my jaw line. Face is super clear with the exception of two pimples above my eyebrow, Cheeks , chin rest of of forehead, so so clear and I dont even just mean in terms of pimples. Its like my complexion changed to someone with smooth, nice skin.
  10. Ah! Im not putting anything on my skin except Eucerin redness relief at night after I wash. I dont want to flake. Bad news: Im totally getting my IB. Good news: Its not on my face. Overnight I got four cystic ones...painful ones, but they are on my jawline under my ear area (weird two on each side, so symetrical) Face looks SO CLEAR. I really recommend the eucerin redness relief though, I wake up so happy with my face because it really helps calm scars down. Its hard to find in stores but if you
  11. Im going to keep track of you. Im taking 30mg but every three days, so dosage is the same..and we are at the same point of course basically. Keep updating! My skin looks really clear too - didnt really get an IB, but Im going to knock on wood now..
  12. Good luck! Moisturize like crazy even if you arent dry yet. Carmex is your best friend, drink lots of water and take fish oil pills! I responded on the other log too because other people wrote on that also.
  13. hi guys! I had been writing on another log, im not sure when i started this if i realized it was two different logs. The side effects can be epic even on 30 mg so definitely take the time to adjust on the 10-20 mg. I still havent had a terrible IB, but lips and scalp are SO DRY. I do have a few pimples (but really overall skin looks great) but those pimples, i dont even have to touch...if i take a shower they pop - gross I know. I had such severe breakouts on my temples, and they are all cleare
  14. I had acne like you, and birth control and topicals (duac and retin a) helped clear it up in the past beautifully. You do have to be diligent (clean your makeupbrushes all the time, change your pillow case, clean your phone etc) and agreed, use mineral makeup. I like bare escentuals, but thats just me. The cystic pimples are like the larger one on your chin, that take FOREVER to go away and dont really have a head like the smaller ones (ie: you cant really pop them) When I get them I get them in
  15. Skipped a pill today again, for fear of back pain. I spoke to my derm and she said that I could take it every other day or even every three days (since I asked to be put on 10mg a day and that would be the equivalent) so I may do that until I feel better. Scalp is itching like a mofo. Ridiculous dandruff and I have dark hair. Ew. But no back pain and only a mild headache. Skin looks ok too. No real sign of a terrible IB, hopefully the pill I took last night dried that out? But seriously, the dan