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  1. Hi Paolo, I would do it again if I had to. Besides, my camera does not do a great homage to the effect BP has had on my skin; my acne was quite suttle, and the camera is shit, so it didn't pick up on all the small imperfections I had. Now, I often wake up and have good or very good skin that I'm almost starting to become proud of. People treat me differently because I am more good looking. The redness took ~6 months to go away completely. My regret is that it is so very expensive to ship t
  2. Day 222 @ nycqueen: Thanks Hi, My skin has been free from inflamed acne for several weeks now. I still have blackhead and whiteheads, which means my skin isn't 100%. I my objective when I started this regimen was to go 100% perfect skin. So I've started using AHA+ all over the face to exfoliate it and keep it blackhead free. The problem with AHA+ that I've noticed is that it's very irritating for my skin, and I can only apply it once or twice a week if I want to keep an even skin tone
  3. Hi, Day 170 I am just about 6 months into DKR and my skin is completely acne free at this particular moment, but I do have 2 red marks on my nose left over from BIG MASSIVE spots that I'd had. They started getting inflammed deep under my skin, took ages to surface, then, when they did surface they did surface took ages to calm down, and now I have these red marks which I expect to keep 6 months - 1 year. Tried putting BP on them 3x a day and AHA+ 3x a day but that didn't help. Those spots wer
  4. @Ammy: Hello, thanks for posting! I'm so happy that my log is giving you hope It's normal that you are breaking out on week 3 - I hope it clears up fast, but if it doesn't then just be patient and don't irritate your spots. You should take photos of your face while it is like this, and it will remind you what you were like when you started the regimen. You will not regret it when you are in week 12+ and your skin is starting to behave. You should post it on your log.
  5. Hi guys, Acne I sometimes get rare spots here and there... I ordered the AHA+ from acne.org to treat spots localy, should arrive this week. Redness Only a tad, and only sometimes. I put shitloads of BP on and I'm quite alright. My skin is less sensitive to BP now. Dryness None. Sometimes, if I'm in a hurry or something, I don't put moisteriser on. My skin is less sensitive to BP now. I don't know what day on DKR this is. 90+ probably. I look good and my self confidence is actually a slight
  6. Day 72 My skin has been roughly the same for the past month. Acne Some. Redness Some. Flakyness Some. My Acne.Org moisteriser has run out so I had to replace it. This is what I've replaced it with: Avene Extreme Tolerance Creme, 16€ for 50ml (double the price of Acne.Org moisteriser). The reason I chose the Avene product is because I didn't anticipate the impending end of my previous moisteriser. The texture of this new moisteriser is very thick, and I have not so far fou
  7. According to the site, Jojoba Oil's "comedogenity" ranks from 0/5 to 2/5 and it's irritability also ranks from 0/5 to 2/5. So I assume that some Jojoba Oils are better than others?
  8. Hi, The Jojoba Oil I use is by NATESSANCE. On my first few days of the regimen, my skin got flakky, so I went to a supermarket and bought some jojoba oil. It worked like a charm, and so I was never bothered to look for another one. I'm sure there are better jojoba oils out there, though. Mine contains 99,6% Jojoba Oil, a bit of suflower oil, and the rest is fragrance and other shit. Best Jojoba Oils, I think, are 100% pure and organic.
  9. I just replaced my Jojoba Oil because it ran out. The new one I got is the same as the old one though That website will come in handy when I'm going to replace my BP, Cleanser & Moisteriser. Btw, you mentionned Jojoba Oil makes you breakout... if you look closely on that website, you'll notice it says some jojoba oils are more comedogenic & irritating than others! So, perhaps you just need to try a different one?
  10. Day 52 Week 7 Acne It was a stressful week and I've been eaten garbage food. So I've had a breakout. Redness My skin was very red on some days. I think it's because I ramped up my BP dosage to 2 pumps and I wasn't ready for it. I'm now down to 1-1.5 pumps of BP. Dryness I've run out of jojoba oil and clearly my skin is flaking. Jojoba oil is boss! I'm starting to run out of Acne.Org products and will have to order some new ones, soon. I was on the "basic package" and it's going
  11. Hi, Your acne isn't that bad atm, and I find you attractive enough already. I hope it works though (you seem very determined ^^) but expect it to take 3-6 months. When I put too much BP on like you did, it also took a while to manifest itself. Oh, and you probably going to break out soon Good luck
  12. Day 44 Week 6 Acne 2 active spots. Smallish and not very visible. If you are reading and can recommend a treatment for isolated spots, then please let me know. I think Dan recommends AHA and will look that up. Redness A bit. Dryness A bit. It has taken me 6 weeks to get my BP to 2 full pumps instead of 4, but I'm finally there. I'm just going to go ahead and say my skin is probably looking the best it ever has since I was 12 years old, a decade ago. I also think that I can do be
  13. return

    Day 41

    Week 5 on DKR
  14. Hi, I have old marks from acne. Not scars, just marks that are going to take several months to fade away. If you know of things that'll make the process go faster, then let me know. So my skin isn't completely clear, but it's getting there. I have only 1 active spot at the moment. I hope to one day soon (in a few months) have it looking completely perfect. I uploaded photos so that you can be your own jugde of my progress Daniel
  15. @Draft: Wheat, dairy, sugar and oil is my favourite food! lol. I was too lazy to research what diet I should use - perhaps if my acne was more serious, I would've had the motivation to change my diet too. Why use DKR? It's true that BP is harsh Makes my skin look red, but it works. Seriously, just the fact that it works is awesome. I didn't think that there was a cure for acne and had just got used to living with it. But if I can make it go away for 100$ every couple months, then I think it's a