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  1. I just noticed the cysts 3 months ago. I didn't know they were cysts at the time. But, i went to a derm today and was told they were cysts.
  2. I just got diagnosed with cystic acne...and i never thought i would get it. But i really need to do something about it..Right away. I don't want to waste any time researching for weeks/months.. Can someone plz help me out. I got a new job and money is no object. I can even buy everything organic. Can anyone help me out by telling me what i should be eating for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks? And what to avoid? I know you guys are going to hate me for asking these questions so bl
  3. I have a major bad eating disorder because of acne. Before acne, I ate very sensibly and healthy most of the time because i never thought about food. Now, food is always on my mind and i have extreme anxiety over food. I constantly think to myself about every little thing i put in my mouth. Before, I would jus eat what I like and forget about it and leave the table. But now, I binge, tried purging even. Severely restricting what I eat. I am scared of soo many different types of food and there
  4. Don't you need whole grains for energy and to have healthy bowel movements and fiber? I thought some whole grains were a neccessary part of a healthy diet? What is it that in granis that you think your body needs badly? The calories? You can get the same amount by eating fruits or healthy oils. I'm not sure...probably scared that I won't get enough carbs to maintain lean muscle. I thought carbs were the building blocks of muscle...and protein. I also think if i dont eat grains i wont have bowe
  5. Don't you need whole grains for energy and to have healthy bowel movements and fiber? I thought some whole grains were a neccessary part of a healthy diet? whole grains do have fiber in them but their not necesarry really, you can get fiber from plenty of fruits and vegetables. Im not sure how eliminating grains out of my diet will effect my acne but that is why im doing this experiment, ive had acne for like 7 years now, ive also eaten a bowl of pasta each day now for the last 7 years. so i th
  6. Don't you need whole grains for energy and to have healthy bowel movements and fiber? I thought some whole grains were a neccessary part of a healthy diet?
  7. I've been searching this topic for a while but the only answers I found were to prevent acne. I t doesn't really tell you what you should do if you have a cne but you don't want your current pimples to leave behind a scar, you know? Do you think it's better to leave the pimples alone or treat them with a product as soon as possible? Is it true that the longer a pimple is on your face, the more chance it has to scar? What do you think? I'm trying to figure out if i should just leave the
  8. but they arent big or even noticable?? r they really cysts? I thought cysts were huge pimples? But anyways, I was never exactly sure what a cyst was...
  9. Hmmm...the 'pimple' is still underneath my skin. But it isn't swollen or red or anything, if i press on my skin, i can feel a small lump, it isn't really raised like a normal pimple though. It just feels like it's underneath my skin and a lump/ball. It's weird..
  10. How is it gross? I have very dehydrated skin and I'm trying everything possible to heal myself. You may not get affected at all when you shower or when you wash your face, but some people do. I have to wear gloves everytime i even wash fruit or vegetables, because my skin will dry out with just one wash, and it will stay dry for a long time. No, just a liter..i will try to drink more. No, it's just really dry skin. thnks, i willl look up the reviews
  11. Don't hate having oily skin, trust me you are realllyy realllyy lucky.
  12. So I've just been not letting any water at all touch my skin, and have not showered in a week. I thought it would help my skin to produce oil but my skin is just getting dryerr everyday. When i smile i have sooo many wrinkles, my skin is severely dehydrated. Think of someone with a smooth supple face, and imagine all the moisture being sucked out like a vacuum. This is what my skin looks like. When i smile, my skin cracks and it peels and it does not produce oil at all. I've had proble
  13. Don't be thinking that YOU are the one who caused all your scarring. Because I have never touched or picked at my breakouts and i was still left with many scars and tonsss of scarred pores. If you never picked at your skin, your skin could have still had all those scars still. And I know exactly how you feel about being abused most of your youth by your father. I also went through hell in my youth being abused, and was never allowed to hangout with anyone, just pretty much lived everyday in fe
  14. I HAVE THIS. My skin is rediculously dry. I have tried all kinds of lotions and sometimes got so frustrated that i pout insane amounts of lotion on my face and it was still dry!! I've been moisturizing my skin everyday for like 4 years with coconut oil and jojoba oil and it never made my skin produce oil, it just covered up the dryness. I know lotions don't work at all for skin that can't produce oil, there is no way a lotion will allow your skin to produce more oil, it just masks the problem
  15. My I touch my skin and feel it i feel a really hard pimple UNDERNEATH my skin. It doesn't stick out or come to a head and these are the kind of pimples that are very easy to cover with makeup because they are wide and deep and kind of match with the surrounding surface area of skin, they are just slightly elevated. But it's been weeks and they haven't come to a head....so I'm kinda confused. And I noticed these tiny closed comodones appearing on my chin, any suggestions?