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  1. "acne.org - The Regimen" ie Acne.org's regimen? people come straight to the website and see all the message boards with info n stuff... but i guess people don't want to have 'acne' in the name of a product. nor do they want people to think The Regimen is the way to get acne. lol Useful, aren't I?
  2. lol dude, if you can afford teh $55,000 bmw, i don't sympathise with u!!! too bad about the pimples though. I'm skipping lots of important stuff today cos of about 4 or 5 dark marks on my face. The WORST bit is when your acne gets better and u get used to it, then a few pimples return.... I just can't handle it.
  3. Hey folks, I've been using mandelic acid for just over a year now, and it's been pretty good - helped considerably in just two weeks. But like madhubala, I'm in the UK and it's quite expensive. So I'm thinking of going on to the Regimen. I tried it once, two years ago, for about a month, but I was probably too aggressive with it, so i got lots of peeling and my skin was generally crap. Has anyone tried the regimen (ie BP) in combination with Mandelic Acid? Any suggestions/tips/advice? Than
  4. hmmm i might be going to india in september next year - meant to be quite humid at that time.... generally dont have TOO greasy/oily skin; any idea what i can expect out there?
  5. Hi guys, I'm meant to be going to india next year when it's gonna be quite hot there.... I'm from the UK, so I'm not all too accustomed to the very hot and humid weather. I was just wondering what your experiences are of hot/humid weather, and how it affects your acne. I really wanna go, but I don't think I'd be able to cope with a massive flare of acne when not at home! Any comments or suggestions? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey people, Yeah this is a cool thread, I like... You've probably all checked this out, but it's worth checking out the product ratings section of this website for accutane - it has a lot more testimonials from about 300 people who've taken it. http://www.acne.org/rate_item.php?item_id=29&page=1
  7. OK people, by no means conclusive or particularly scientific, but...... i've been taking omega 3 supplements (1000mg) every day for the last year or so. i stopped about 3 weeks ago. for the last 2 weeks, my acne has been at its worst for the last year. i also, 2 days ago, developed some seborrhoeic eczema in which skin was pretty much peeling off. I have also been out a lot less in the last 3 weeks (due to initial flare and slow healing, so that might have propagated all of this, but it raised
  8. Hey everyone... i'm just wondering how "common" acne changes over time... By that, I don't mean adult acne, but acne which you start getting in your teens, then grow out of by (hopefully) your early 20s? I'm 22 now. I got mild acne when I was about 15 with lots of small, never cystic, red spots. Then that got a bit worse but more interspersed - so more discrete red pustules etc. Now over the last year or so I've been getting an increasing amount of larger nodules/cysts/pustules etc, instead
  9. dude im lazy and can't be bothered to read the long replies... curious though what you're doing re: mandelic, and if it's started having any effect?
  10. hmmm you've been harshly exfoliating at the same time as using mandelic acid? have you been trialling it fairly?
  11. ahh that's awesome.... sadly i think i'm too apathetic to have that right now... but my ex and i did really care about eachother, and that made my acne a non-issue, just knowing that someone thinks you're great, despite knowing that... and amongst all the other flaws you might have
  12. you're probably doing it, but make sure you use an spf dude, esp if you're going out in the sun - burning your skin won't help anything!
  13. hey dude, what concentration u been using? maybe try using a little less of the stuff, or diluting it with some moisturiser? have you been moisturising and using an SPF?
  14. If you are going to take this on board, then at least read the whole thread that has been referred to! It is NOT proven that mandelic acid causes a peripheral neuropathy in humans. The dose which we get in our circulation is absolutely negligible. The post you are referring to is only an eye opener if you believe everything you read without insight. To anyone who's concerned about this, i'd suggest you read the whole thread (of the links posted by Melbourne, above).
  15. I'm confused. I havent read the entire thread referred to by the links above, but its seems they they are talking about peripheral neuropathy of the whole body as a result of systemic absorption. This is unrealistic. They don't seem to have mentioned neuropathy of the facial skin... that's what i'd be a lot more concerned about. Anyone shed any light on that?