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  1. Hey guys, I recently started Retin-A again and noticed that I'm breaking out on my chest in a different area than normal after beginning to use it - is this typical of an initial breakout? For instance, I usually only breakout down the center of my chest, but I noticed three or four pimples this morning on my right pec, which is usually mostly clear. I didn't apply Retin-A to this area, unless I swiped a bit from the center of my chest to the side of my chest and didn't realize it. Is it typi
  2. Yes it does, thank you! Can anyone comment on what the highest strength Retin-A I can buy over the counter is? I couldn't find any in stores but I'm about to go back to college, so I'll check out there.
  3. I'm looking to start back up on Retin-A on my chest since my acne has apparently moved from my face. I previously used Retin-A on my face with great results after about 12-14 weeks, and I've been using some sample packs of Retin-A micro 0.1% gel. I'm getting a horrible IB, which is pretty much expected - my question is would it be okay to use a lower concentration of Retin-A rather than getting a prescription? I may not be able to see a doctor or dermatologist that can prescribe anytime soon.
  4. I wanted to revive this thread - I have had quite a bit of success in healing part of my acne from eliminating processed foods - however, I have noticed that my skin is basically extremely sensitive to processed foods now and it's so extremely difficult to stay away from anything processed - I can't go to delis and get a gyro now and then, I have to buy extremely expensive food, make everything on my own, etc. It's time consuming and expensive and albeit healthy, there are so many restrictions
  5. After adjusting my diet, it seems as though much of my breakouts are now going away. My PIH marks are still there, though. How can I get rid of these faster? Some of the marks have been there close to a year, and they have only slightly faded - I want to get them to fade a bit faster, and I do have some Retin-A still from when I used it on my face. Would anyone recommend using this on my chest? If it helps to fade scars faster then I would like to try it, but I also understand that it can m
  6. After using the TTO, I noticed that I THINK it may be working on the cyst, if ever so slightly. On top of that, I started experimenting with TOO more (I've had it for so long, why did I not do this sooner?), and I believe it is actually making my PIH slightly less red. Is this common? It also seems to help in drying out and speeding up the healing process of small pimples. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has had the same results when using TTO on body acne.
  7. Thanks! It's not totally cleared, I'll get a pimple or two occasionally and sometimes along my neck (broke out recently, I think it was because I got horrible sleep for like 5 days in a row), but I can definitely manage it. I tried the TTO, hopefully it works out, but the SA sounds like a good plan, is there anything I should know when purchasing it, such as what strength or type (gel, cream, etc.)?
  8. Proudly I can say that my face has cleared up after years of struggling with acne, but it came back all over my upper chest and back. :( I've been managing by cutting out all processed foods and it has helped a ton, but I still have a lot of hyperpigmentation and a few very inflamed pimples/cysts that just don't seem to want to go away. I'm going to try the tea tree oil on one or two particular spots and just experiment with the results. Thank you for the advice on the warm compress, though.
  9. So basically, as the title indicates, I have a majorly painful cyst on my chest. It happens to occur in the same relative place as other cysts, and I want to know what I can use on it. Would tea tree oil help? I have been told a warm compress may help, or a teabag as well. If tea tree oil would help, should I dilute it first? Any suggestions are welcome, the cyst is very hard, red and painful and often time the cyst will come back after almost going away for whatever reason.
  10. Thanks guys, this was all awfully helpful. I happen to have compound W, is there any way I could utilize this? It's really harsh so I'm not really sure if it'd help anything, but I'm tempted to use it on a couple of these really lumpy zits. Funny you guys recommend body clear body wash - I already use it! Sounds like I'll be searching for some AHA cream very soon. I never use BP anymore.
  11. Ah, so you guys think this is just hyperpigmentation? I see. I have been outside a few times and got a little sunburn, which I know I'm not supposed to do but stupidly allowed to happen anyway - does this mean that my hyperpigmentation is permanent now? I'm debating using retin-a on my chest, but I really don't want the irritation as I know how dry it made my face. Will shea butter still work for hyperpigmentation? I'm certainly willing to try it!
  12. Hey guys, I attached a couple photos of where my acne is most bothersome right now. I used to break out all over my face, but after using Retin A, the scarring and breakouts went away and I somehow no longer even need to use Retin A; this I am extremely happy about, but I now break out over my chest and back and have been for quite a while. I started cooking all of my own food and essentially avoid all sources of processed glutamate as possible (basically no processed foods aside from the occa
  13. I know, it's really hard for me to avoid considering I'm on a weight-gain diet right now. I don't really eat processed foods as it is, nor do I use processed condiments (the only hot sauce I use is McIlhenny's Tabasco, which contains some distilled vinegar - I simply cannot avoid it all), but there's always something that pops up that may contain the odd source of glutamate here or there. Attempting to eat 3000+ calories a day is fairly difficult between class, being on the mats during jiu-jit
  14. I thought I'd post here again to update everybody on what's going on. Unfortunately, my body acne has not been cured, but I think that it is strongly linked to consumption of glutamic acid; however, my breakouts have become much less sore and tend to occur shortly (meaning a day or two) after I eat something that contains a high amount of glutamic acid. Cutting out the majority of processed glutamic acid is incredibly difficult, but I think that this is a large trigger for me, but it may not b
  15. I imagine it's incredibly difficult to find food without MSG then! I definitely recommend not eating any large meals full of MSG and just eating simple, whole foods or to make your own food for even a short week. It's possible you'll see a slight difference in a short time if you try it. I'm pretty amazed that for the most part, my chest is clearing up (besides the scars ) and that the area is much, much less sore than it was. Unfortunately I think the MSG problem spans a lot of countries a