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  1. Thank you a lot to both of you for your excellent advices. Well, yes, I'm avoiding dairy a way long before I decided to try this new diet. I'm trying to improve my circadian circle, which is a little bit difficult because my work makes me stay awake until 3 AM. About exercising, I was really active on the gym until August, when I had a serious injury on my lower back, due to an herniated disc. I'm trying to get back to the gym (I can't lift anymore) to do some anaerobic activity - except ru
  2. So, I decided to start the low GI diet on January 1st. I can see some improvements, especially on the oiliness of my skin - though I keep breaking out around my lips and nose. The main problem is that I keep feeling hungry most of the time. All my life (I'm 22 years old), I've been accustomed to high amounts of pasta, rice, bread, etc., so having none of that is messing with me a bit. I feel a lack of energy and light-headedness. I don't know where I can find something that maintains me satis
  3. Hi, I've been using Benzac 5% on my cystic acne for about two months. It's not that bad, except on my cheeks, especially the right one. I started using it only for about two hours, then I washed it off. But, as my skin got used to Benzac, I let it stay over the night. Now, my right cheek has a large brown spot, which is quite visible and is tearing my self esteem apart once again. Seriously, so many years fighting acne and then something always crushes me down. So, do you have any idea
  4. Hi there, this is my first post and firstly I want to congratulate all of you for such an awesome board and site. So, I'm 21 male and I have acne since 13. I always had it on my face, mild/moderate, and I never was that self conscious about it. But the situation changed last year. And that change was directly related to my weight. I was overweight since my early teens too, but then I decided to go to the gym, where I lost 23 kgs (50 labs) and started to bulk as well. Due to my previous we