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  1. the best treatment for acne is the pill! i am on 'diane' (also known as 'brenda'), and i am sooooo happy now! my face, every square inch, was covered in pimples and now it is clear and smooth and i just want others who are suffering as bad as i was to know how easy it is to get rid of pimples. yes, i used pro-activ and no it did not work for my skin at all! my neck, ba

    1. best acne product i used so far is the naturalis acne treatment. clears acne redness and swelling within hours. works for millias or cysts too! see naturalisproducts.com .
    2. i finished my vital repair and rosa mosqueta already and scar improved significantly. i encourage you to use twice a day, you need to massage this in properly. but remember to use a good cleanser too, thats very very important. i switched from rosa mosqueta cleanser to naturalis purifying cleanser and using skin blemish treatment too for my blemishes and pigmentation problem. my blemishes and pigmentation are looking good and my next goal will be the wrinkles around eyes and cheek (smile lines)
    3. red marks heal faster if you use a combination of naturalis skin blemish treatment and rosa mosqueta. read here http://www.organiconline.com.sg .
    4. using this too but i combine with their naturalis skin blemish treatment and the healing is accelerated. skin is at its best in years!
    5. i use a combination of naturalis skin blemish treatment and rosa mosqueta to lighten and heal the scars. very effective in a short period of time . see http://www.organiconline.com.sg .