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  1. If you search this board you will find mixed reviews about every single product. It's really confusing. You will have to test them for yourself and see how your skin reacts. I would use some form of vitamin A like retinol or retin-a. Copper peptides are controversial (e.g breakouts, no results, expensive) but they helped me. Supplements I started using for memory, concentration and energy, and then I noticed my skin was healing better. The theory behind them is that the food we consume nowada
  2. It seems many people are using electric devices now. I can't say anything about them since I only used dermarollers and dermastamps. Dermastamps are better than dermarollers. Dermastamps allows us to target specific scars and be more aggressive where needed. They are also less painful and less risky. I treated most of my face and didn't feel dermarollers were more suitable to treat large areas. I didn't see any difference actually. One important thing I wish I knew when I started this needli
  3. WHAT: 1.) What size needles were/are you using? 1.0mm (forehead and temples) and 1.5mm (other areas) 2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? mainly rolling and icepick 3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment? I tried several different topicals: copper peptides, retinol cream, retin-a, Terproline, Infadolan 4.) What vitamins/supplements, if any, did/do you take? A multivitamin/minerals during the last few treatments 5.) What was/i
  4. Anybody else still dermarolling/stamping? It seems people are using electric devices now.
  5. Traditional fully ablative co2 laser does not work for acne scars, and it can cause hypopigmentation, sensitive skin, orange peel texture, large pores, new scars. I had all of those problems. Just read the posts written around 10 years ago on fully ablative laser and get to your own conclusion. Fully ablative lasers were popular back then and there are a vast amount of post about them. Too many horror stories. Take a look at my forehead.
  6. I had some milias after I had a laser treatment done a long time ago. They didn't look like the bumps your pictures show. Milias are round, kind of flat and we can see the white gunk inside them.
  7. I'm not comfortable to give you advices because you are the one who will suffer the consequences if something goes wrong, not me. As I said on your other thread, I'm also becoming afraid of skin needling, but I'll give my opinion. 1. Do you think this is good or bad? Neither good nor bad. It's just part of the process. It's normal. 2. Do you think I should keep needling? Yes, you should, but if after the next one or two treatments you keep on seeing those weird things appearing, abandon skin
  8. My linear scars are indented. They are not raised or leveled with the surrounding skin. It seems the central part of the scars you circled are elevated. They look normal for me. The remodeling process is unpredictable and some scars may get weird along the way. It's expected.
  9. I also had some side effects from the dermaroller: fine irregular lines above my left eyebrow, a bump under my left eye and bulging veins on my forehead. I applied too much pressure to the roller. Dermastamps are safer and I have used only them lately. As for your scars becoming white or linear I don't know what to say. It may be part of the remodeling process that is going on. Many of my scars are also becoming linear but It doesn't bother me because I read many posts written by people who
  10. If you quote one of her posts and then write something acne.org will automaticaly send her an e-mail informing about your post. It may not work if she changed her default settings.
  11. Great contribution to the board! This kind of post gives us hope with realistic expectations.
  12. Have you tried any acne scar treatment? Scars are hard to treat but it´s possible to improve them. I have acne scars since I was 19 and I'm 43 now. They were severe in the past but they are starting to become acceptable now. They are around 50% better, after some treatments. During the past 19 months I have done dermarolling/dermastamping at home and at least my shallow scars are slowly becoming better. Some of them are more than 90% filled in. As for the deep scars, you can try subcision or
  13. After 12 years visiting these message boards I finally found out a possible reason for all that difference I see on my scars. Some days they look horrible while others they look just ugly. I thought it was related to the weather. Thanks for the information!
  14. Thanks blahblah. I just want a skin that I'm happy with, not a perfection cause like you said earlier, that still out of reach. I attached before and after picture, that's my current pic, I have tried turmeric mask, aloe vera, hydroquinone, it help a bit but I'm really impatience, lol. I had redness after needling, so I stopped needling. Do you think peeling will help with redness? Your improvement is dramatic! I would have to do skin needling for 10 years to get that amount of improvement.
  15. Scar tissue formation can happen also. I have acne scars because I had pimples on the same spots over and over, so that my skin didn't have time to heal completely from a lesion and it had to deal with a new lesion. I have some inputs I copied from the Essential Day Spa message board. The post was written by a user called Josee on Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:30 am (dermaroller thread, page 142) " 1) There is no evidence that using a roller often (e.g. 2-3 times per week), no matter how short, i