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  1. Hey Lonely man, Yes I am alive! The scar is leveled. I am nervous about them caving in again as I hear so many people say. Hopefully they wont, they look good now so we'll see.
  2. I am not sure how big the scars were in milimeters. But they were big, as I had small ones that just look like enlarged pores that I did nothing to. they were also very deep, totally icepick types. And one saucer shaped one that was pretty big that was dermal grafted. They took skin from my belly button for that. I was supposed to put topical anti-biotics (neosporin) on the scabs but was allergic. So I did put this "healing ointment" by eucerin on it. I think it is essentially glorified
  3. Yeah that is wierd. I have heard "miracle" stories of vinegar curing everything from nail fungus to baldness! Such a simple cheap solution. How do you use the vinegar on your scars? Does the smell linger?
  4. I posted before about this and here is the latest update. I am at a point now where I see good improvement and am happy I did it so read on..... I was not that happy at first. I had some other stuff done to my face at the same time, I had some things (under the skin pimple cyst things) cauterized. So my face looked like it had cigarette burns all over. I also had skin tags removed from my neck so I was a mess. Plus I had an allergic reaction to the topical anti-biotic My skin was red
  5. Is the N Lite the one that is supposed to involve no downtime? That is my biggest concern with lasers. Cant afford for my skin to look a mess for a month or two
  6. I am getting my stitches out Monday so it is hard to say really. I think I only got outside stitches but from what I can tell so far, the hole (indented icepick scar) appears gone
  7. Hi Leo, To answer your questions 1) from what other part of your body did they take the grafting skin? answer: from my belly button. Doctor says the skin there is thicker than behind the ear where it is typically done for better results. 2) It is just like regular excision except that rather than just stitching the remaining edges up, they fill in the area left with the new skin? Answer: That is right, so supposedly you are not trading a scar for a scar as in punch exc
  8. Day 2 my skin looks worse -very red. Oozing in some places. It looks as if I have cigarette burns all over my face but that is from the dermal-grafting not the punch. The spots where I was punched is still very red. But looks as if it will heal nicely with no more hole! The doc just tells me to wash it and put bacetrin (did I spell that right) on it. I want it to heal faster, maybe I will try neosporin. Did not get many stitches and they are small but look ugly in combination with all of th
  9. Hey all, I just had a combo of punch excision and dermal-grafting. It is too soon to see if this will work as I still have stiches and the areas that were done are very red. If anyone is interested, post back and I will update you. If I get good results, I will post before and after pics.
  10. Sure I will do it. Once I have them. I have not scheduled this yet. Hopefully I can get it done before my friend's wedding.
  11. I did find something on the web about it ====== Other Approaches to Soft Tissue Augmentation Other procedures to improve wrinkles and scars include surgically replacing or implanting material into the skin for elevation. In dermal grafting, skin is surgically harvested and implanted under the wrinkle or scar. Because this procedure represents a skin transplant, results appear to be long term. Yet, since it is a surgical procedure, it is more complex than a simple injection and is quite te
  12. I went to see a new derm. He does not accept new patients but his nurse called me to discuss my situation after the receptionist, on her own, conveyed it to her. The nurse says that even though he is not accepting new patients for other skin issues, he would see me for this as he is one of the few doctors in my area that treats acne scars. For me he suggested a combo of punch excision and a process called dermal grafting. For the dermal grafting, they take skin from around your belly button
  13. Yeah I agree, these docs are all in it for the money. I would respect doctors more if they did not make alot of money and were just in it to help people. The government could pay for their school, they could charge reasonable fees and then insurance would not be so high. It's so simple really. Anyway I understand your frustration. In addtion to these acne scars, I am losing my hair. And I am a woman in my early 30's!! How is that for luck. I cannot do a thing about my hair, no cream works
  14. You will not believe why. They wanted to take before and after photos. I understand the logic behind this. Then I asked if I could have copies of the photos. They gave me a very hard time about this. I argued that this would be considered part of my medical records and I should be entitled to a copy. Well...after arguing 15 minutes with the office mgr about this, they tell me I have gone over my "alloted time"!! I had to wait 1.5 hours for the doctor last time. Now I have gone 15 minut
  15. Thanks for the replies. I am VERY nervous. I just hope I do not look worse or they "cave in" If it happens to 1 out of 11000, I would be the 1! Did it hurt? And did the stitches look bad. When they were taken out, did the scar look really red at that time and fade or not that bad? Did you use something like mederma to fade the scar as you say you do not have one now? I feel a little more ok knowing someone was successful. The dr says he is experienced and acts as if the procedure is no b