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  1. Thanks! I just really hope the scars fade, and that it doesn't come back. Were you worried when you finished your course?
  2. Day 216 I don't have much to report right now. I had to take a job washing dishes a couple of months ago (yay for having a degree). With the Accutane and the physical job I get so so tired, it really sucks. I was worried that working in a kitchen would make my skin worse though but I haven't seen any adverse effects. I think my skin continues to get slowly better. I had one spot on my chin/cheek a couple of weeks ago, I think it was the first for a couple of months. Kind of sucked but was go
  3. Thanks ClearDreaming that's really nice of you to say, although I think there's still quite a way to go yet! Three separate people recently have said that my skin is looking loads better, it was really nice to hear . I think you're probably right about the accutane helping with the marks. I forgot to add before that my lips have been loads worse recently. Not sure why as I haven't changed anything. I've been putting Carmex on so much more often but my lip keeps splitting when I laugh/sneeze/go
  4. Hi, just wanted to say best of luck going forward with things. In your latest pictures there is certainly a big improvement and I'm guessing you will see further results over the next little while. I'm kinda shocked at how long / frustrating the journey on Accutane appears to be............................I'm also in the UK and just started on this low 20mg dose (8th day of treatment so LONG way to go it appears)..... Is there a reason why you have been held on such a low dose? My understan
  5. Hey man. Long time no speak. I see you've finished your course! Seems like such a long time ago that we both started! On the same day I think? Congratulations and I hope everything works out well for you and you never see any acne again
  6. Day 165 (I think) Sorry it's been so long since I updated, been very busy, and had some worries about blood tests etc and I just didn't want to come on here or write about it. I've had basically no new spots for what seems like ages now (two that I can think of, a tiny whitehead that lasted a day and one on my neck which has left a small lump/mark). I see that my last update was the start of June where I was still breaking out. I don't even remember when my skin cleared up but it did. I had so
  7. Thanks Peck. Day 102 No improvement. Still breaking out, quite badly. Depressing.
  8. Day 95 Not much to report, my face is still shit and I'm still not getting clear. Dryness of my face isn't as bad though.
  9. Day 87 (I think) Not much to report. Been on 40mg/day for a couple of weeks now. Dry skin is much worse, and so are my lips, but still not seeing any improvement. Starting to think I'm one of the 4% of people that Accutane doesn't work for..
  10. Sorry I forgot to reply to this. Thanks, and good luck to you too
  11. I have a cold which has come on in the last couple of days. I swear it's like ten times worse whilst on Accutane, have such bad muscle ache and feel super dehydrated even when drinking lots of water. Urgh, go away horrible cold! I have interviews on Tuesday!
  12. Haha, it's a good picture! Hope things are going well.
  13. Thanks joannarama & jennyband Day 71 So about those cysts. They have subsided a lot. The one under my eye has left the most prominent bump, I don't think it's too obvious but it adds a kind of shadow there. As for the other one, it was the worst of the two - at it's peak (literally a peak I guess because it was the size of a bloody mountain) it had like two/three pustules on it too, it was really gross. It came on really quick, lingered a short while and now has gone down super fast, th
  14. Yeh I read on these forums about the crazily high dose D3 thing. It actually sounded quite promising, but there's only been like one study done on it if I remember correctly. Probably would have tried it before I'd started Accutane if I had known. I take one a day anyway just because D3 is meant to be good for your skin.
  15. Yeh, exploded might have been a bit of a dramatic word, 'started leaking' might have been more accurate. It's just to the right of my mouth so the eating movements put too much pressure on it apparently.. all through the day it was really painful too, I could barely eat my lunch. So disgusting but at least here, people won't judge me for it! Thanks for the advice. I was actually just going to pop two at a time so I'm glad you told me that, sounds like a better way of doing it. Although I don