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  1. Finally I return to this forum that I left almost 3 years. I am not sceptical anymore of having acne. I have just graduated and still seeking for a job. During several job interviews, I understand that a humble and sweet smile will warm up the environment rather than concerning the interviewer was starring on your face. Life goes on. Superman returns is going to on screen soon. I am anticipating that. I almost forget this forum but I recall it back as I still remember that when I nearly lost m
  2. Hi everyone, I'm back ( Maybe those who knew me have forgotten me ! ). My skin is currently fine, don't have to use BP anymore and occasionaly breakout if I shaved harshly. I would say maybe in 2 months there will be 1 or 2 break-out. Now, I'm using SK-II Facial Treatment Mask to heal the remaining scars and with the help of Pitera in the product, I discovered it did helps a lot. Phuh, miss my old time buddies so much especially fatman uk...haha . cheers people. With Dan's regimen, you will
  3. Not a good solution for acne. Expensive!
  4. According to Dan's regimen, you will at least need a BP 2.5% to complete the whole regimen. In Malaysia, I have gone through big and small pharmacies, including 2 leading pharmacies - the Guardian pharmacy & Watsons, your personal store and I discovered that they actually did sell the Neutrogena On-the-Spot 2.5% in approx. RM15-18. It will be a little bit expensive to them who needs to use 4 tubes for it within one month. However, I have been trying to contact the Zuelig Pharma, which partic
  5. Hydroquinone is widely used in Asian countries. Even Neostrata company which is the company which develop AHA and PHA includes this ingredient in its skin lightening gel. I was wondering what is the side effect of that ingredient. In most Japanese brands, such as Shiseido, Kanebo and so on, Kojic acid is widely used as an ingredient while for cheaper products they used Licorice extract, ascorbic acid, mulberry extract, and so on. In my opinion, I would recommend those natural ingredients for t
  6. I purchased Elicina cream years before. I bought 5 directly in fact one after another one because the website claimed it will be cheaper to buy in huge bunch. So, I bought it and put high expectation on this snail cream. Well, initially, it really smooth out my skin, improve the texture and help in acne. Nevertheless, I realised that the price offered to this product is far too more expensive compared to other products that might also included other ingredients such as allantoin, AHA and so on,
  7. When you are performing Dan's regimen, you shouldn't use that cleanser because it contains BHA which is Salicylic Acid. Salicylic acid will cause your skin to be overdry which might lead too worser condition of acne. Beware before you try something new. Try a gentle cleanser, a pure glycerine soap will do.Thanks~
  8. This is the article I read when I come across this website. I will paste it here for publics' view.
  9. I am a loyalty supporter for NIVEA products years before. Nevertheless, Nivea's products contain fragrance that might irritate fragile skin. I personally recommend you to stick on Dan's regimen by using enough quantity of BP and gentle soap. When your situation is stabilize, you should feel free to try it. p/s: I like NIVEA creme very much because its deep moisturizing but it's not suitable for those who have acne. It contains lanolin~
  10. Regarding to your situation, I personally think that washing more than twice per day are too much. Although you are using the glycerine soap but you really have to make sure that the glycerine soap is really pure glycerine soap without any add-on fragrance, colourants and so on. These artifical ingredients might cause your skin to be sensitive whereby will contribute to acne. Just like what Dan said in his regimen - GENTLE CLEANSING is the key word. Just don't be too harsh to your skin, you trea
  11. Maya, I have ordered and used the 30% glycolic acid kit from Homepeels.com. However, after I applied the glycolic acid on my skin, my skin turned red and after the rinsing job, I noticed that my skin is not as smooth as before. There is something formed on my epidermis. It feels like something is getting off from your skin. My cheek is so red until my mum and sister asked me whether I was sun burned or not. It is so horrible~... Maya, any advise that might help? or this is just the commo
  12. O..I'm back Oh My Holy God~ Many things have happened during my absent. George Bush and his alliance are going to launch attack on Iraq very soon. Many innocent would be killed.War is raging, lives are scattered.Innocence is lost and hopes are shattered. The old will be forgotten and the children will be forsaken. Why there must be a war in order to solve an issue. War is definately the best solution. hopefully..peace~ garkEe2003 :roll: P/S: I DO..miss Gaz and Maya and all of you gu
  13. Mederma® is a clear/translucent gel that should be applied 3-4 times per day. You need to rub it gently on your scars.Keloids or hypertrophics scars would need at least 1 year to see significant result. However, Mederma® contains onion extract, a kind of plant oil that might aggravate your existing acne. As a result, you need to make sure your face is clear from inflammed acne before you started to use it. It has inflammantory properties and it's soothing. You simply don't need a moisturize
  14. Mederma® skin care for scars Quoted from Drugstore News written by Carol Dickson McKee, B.S., R.Ph., Pharm.D., independent clinical consultant, adjunct associate professor, Albany College of Pharmacy Onion extract: Onion, which is also known as allii cepae or allium cepa, offers many health-related benefits. With respect to scars, onion appears to inhibit the function of fibroblasts, and the production of a ground substance which contributes to the scar matrix. It may also decrease prostaglan