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  1. i finished my accutane journey few days ago, i thought i could share with everyone my experience. http://youtu.be/-5bh82zUjic
  2. Although I prefer to address the "root cause" of acne and provide real solutions to the acne challenge, there are just going to be times when you haven't followed an effective anti-acne dietary regimen or your hormones have gone haywire, and your skin has suffered for it. During those times, please think twice about rushing out to pay a king's (or a queen's) ransom on expensive topical treatments that may take weeks to show improvement to your skin anyway. Worse, many of these products can dry o
  3. here's the post accutane update u all been asking for. I been off it for over 6 months and still satisfied with accutane. Dry lips was the only side effect that i got.
  4. i think dairy brings more fat to the body hence acne!
  5. I took accutane 3 months ago and it has helped me. I was on 40mg per day for 3-4 months. Skin became red and the lips were swollen but worked afterwards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM3urXDZuhc&feature=plcp
  6. So i thought i should share my accutane journey from day one! Hope that it will be useful to some of you.
  7. If you refer previous video on that ACCUTANE DIARY, you will find that. There were serious side effects, and after that things got better!!! So i just wanted to show people that second side of the coin.