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  1. Hey i keep clear with one pump of BP. but my main problem was on my chin and it becomes really red if i apply BP on it, even if i put a tiny bit, the rest of my face can handle BP easly, As of right now its clear just red:/ I mosturise day and night... Any suggestions?
  2. Hey i have been on the regimen for exactly 3 weeks and great results so far! i was wondering if i can use derma roller 1.0 on my cheeks which i have hyper pigmentation and very shallow scars... I'm just wondering if i can still put BP 2.5% after i rolled. any one do this?
  3. Hey I was just wondering if dryness on week 3 is normal. I been using the regimen for 2 weeks and 3 days. I can see a difference but my face gets flakey after I cleanse. Then I put BP it feels tight but doesn't look to flakey. My face is pretty tough.
  4. have you tried the acne.org regimen? it has a awesome success rate! i been on it for a week and see a huge improvement already!
  5. Hey i appreciate your reply!! thank you! yea i think I'm just like you my skin can take harsh things.. you say you do lactic acid masks every two days.. what percentage? i think mine is about 60%.. and with your second answer I'm sorry I'm not to good with english "predispsited to do so" means that it will go away when its originally suppose to? BP just helps it stay clear until then right? because i don't see ever guys over 25 with acne!! I ordered mine tuesday and it shows that i will get i
  6. 1.) should i use treatment on my forehead? (I never break out there) i only breakout on my cheeks and chin 2.) will the regimen prevent me from outgrowing acne? I'm 19 male both my brothers had acne but outgrew it around 19-20 3.) Can i use lactic acid peels weekly with the regimen?
  7. yeah i use to drink about cups off water but since i been going to the gym, i boosted it up to a gallon. i kinda got it in control with a salicylic acid peel but what do you think, will i outgrow it anytime soon? its kinda rare for a adult male to have acne.. its more common for women i feel like. yeah i will check that out. i also think the combo of sun and salt water is what helped since i was out in the beach every saturday.
  8. hey thanks for the reply. i am a male. and i was always thinking about trying the regimen bet the thing is that I'm afraid that i will have to use it for the rest of my life. lol I'm afraid that it will prevent me from 'outgrowing' it, because of the benzyol peroxide being addictive. my parents say that they did have it but now they are clear. Well i think my mom gets one or two around her time? but she also has a horrible diet and eats chocolate lol. and i have seen a post once saying women are
  9. So i been feeling really down lately. I'm 19 and still have acne. i got it around 14. it never was really bad but still enough to ruin self confidence. I have two older brothers that are 21 and 23 and are perfectly clear with a occasional pimple but the 'outgrew' it by 19. my parents keep telling me to stop using anything and leave it alone and it'll go away.(my brothers never used any products) but they did have it just as bad as me if not a little worse. i eat so healthy fruits, veggies, fish,
  10. Just wondering can you guys feel the depth of your scars when you touch them with your fingers. Mine feel smooth with skin
  11. Can any one tell me? I can't really feel any indents and not really see any but when I'm in a dark room and put a flashlight against my face and look at a mirror then I can kinda see indents but not when I look at a room full of light! I'm very insecure about this :/
  12. some one told me that Gillette sensitive skin shave cream cleared their acne. is that true
  13. My diet is amazing. Fruits veggies no junk food. I got a flouride free toothpaste and don't touch my face