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  1. back to the shit again! tried the following products and I feel they just kinda purged but also irritated my skin causing a mess on the right side. - Pixi glow tonic - TO glycolic 7% Going to try something different now as my skin is a in a bad way. It feels like the left and right side above my moustache always seem to get clear and then fuck up badly again seems like no where else breaks out the same kinda of way if I do nothing it is never really clear it looks okay
  2. funny like clockwork a year later my skin has gone to shit - just got back from hols and picked and tried extracting a few pimples on left side which was completely clear! skin is a mess right hand side was clogged and used Epiduo cleared up most of it but it never really feels clear chin has had a few pimples which are scarring massively I don't ever get stuff on my chin other than the odd white head so all in all back on this site and same old shit really
  3. notes try for 10 days am bp ct cetaphil wash cetaphil lotion pm cetaphil wash bha - wait 30minutes cetaphil lotion
  4. fantastic results. do you have a sample menu of what you eat ?
  5. reseting the days and counting down instead so day 19. Skin is not great right side is still quite clogged to the avene which really fucked me up. I need to use less acne medications and focus on keeping my skin clean and hydrated - i feel i don't really have acne but because i pick and pop and being fair makes it so obvious/ mum was like your skin is usually really clear its red - never a good sign - made me feel shit but i dont think my skin is ever really clear but hey we are own worst
  6. day 30 well looks like aveene is clogging my pores and making my skin super dry i.e not moisturising, right hand side has broken out in tiny little clogs and white heads which is not a good sign. so going to go back to cetaphil i really shouldn't have changed but i wont be doing again. put the overnight clearing gel lets see if it is going to help or make it worse due to dry skin and over exfoliating . The journey continues and i just need to be patient and it will clear to a decent le
  7. 26 days gave up on differin/epiduo on close to 4 weeks - i just don't think its worth it - differin helps somewhat and so does epiduo but its just way too harsh on my skin really. These treatments both will work but even before i could never shift the redness and i honestly dont want to be using harsh stuff on my skin any more. made a big change and changed my moisturiser from cetaphil to avene lets see how that works out. It has less ingredients and is supposed to be a simple moisturiser.
  8. 10 days Using differin - has done some good but i have broke out pretty bad as i have been away and eating,sleep have all been way off. Starting to use epiduo now under moisturiser as before i used to buffer but in the past when it worked the best/used the longest thats how i did it. Ah welll trying to stay positive hopefully in the next few days my skin will calm down a little.
  9. Back to epiduo and differin going to see which works the best alternating usage every other day. I need maintenance therapy to remain clear by the looks of it so might as well start now and fucking get this over and done with!!!
  10. not sure whats happening skin is pretty bad above upper lip/inner check area on both sides only place i really seem to break out in this way oddly the left and right side was clear for the firt 3 months / it did break out but was easily managed now i have clusters of clogs hmm and they dont seem to heal like much skin normally would - i don't think my skin is dehydrated so i am at a loss really. i wish it would just fuck off i am used to white heads these are actualy clog sunder the ski
  11. notes to self: - no picking - only touch skin in am/pm when in shower - if whitehead let it runs its course - problem areas are the inner checks next to nose just above moustache on each side - apply dermalogica overnight clearing gel to non inflamed whiteheads - BP and differin work best for my skin - need to find the best balance for epiduo a couple of times a week ideally but in the first instance every night to clear area - time how long takes to clear area should be around 7-12 days
  12. What's are all your side effects?

    1. fadedjay


      from accutane - hmm i dont have any really other than my lips tend to still get dried out easier and i have done 2 courses and may do a third soon

  13. right side broke out in a mess and picked so not doing well
  14. things are healing so progress is being made just got to stay positive and remember i have had decent skin before and can again !!
  15. Broke down today just couldnt cope at all! first time in many years but it felt like a good relase of trapped emotions - i felt lighter in the simplest of terms. I have pretty much given up hope at the moment - just going to wash and moisturiser and try my hardest to reduce my focus and stress levels and see what happens. spot treat with dermalogic emergency spot fix or epiduo - if i can be bothered lets see what tomorrow has in stall