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  1. Very good results! I'm happy this worked for you! I'm on month 3, week 3. All of my back is almost clear! Face was always clear just my back sucked ass. Hopefully I'll have the same results as you! Here's to life with clear skin!
  2. Yeah the ones that were there only 2 days ago are gone now! I don't understand how they were able to emerge in the first place. I guess they might have been under the skin and the Accutane was flushing them out? They went away WAY faster than they ever have and now the edges are peeling. My step brother was on Amnesteem and said that once they start peeling on the edges, that usually means that you're done breaking out and it's going to keep you clear from here on out. Let's hope that's the case
  3. Good luck on your journey to clear skin! I am on my 3rd month of Claravis. I started at 40mg once a day for a month and since the 2nd month I've been on 80 and so far it's kicking major ass! Just a pain in the ass to have chapped lips in the spring time! But good luck and I wish you nothing but success!
  4. Ok, I'm on the second week of my 3rd month of being on Claravis 80mg. Up to this date, things were improving VERY fast. But starting a few days ago, the left side of my back started breaking out again. Not bad, but a few dime sized cyst type pimples. Now, they're still visible but dried out and it seems like they're starting to peel. I don't know if this is normal but I hope these spot breakouts stop before my journey is complete. Anyone else e
  5. Good progress man! I'm also on 80mg and I'm right behind you. I have pics of my back on the Accutane Logs under Beginning To 3rd Month. I'm happy so far with the results. The first month was 40 and it didn't do shit so I'm glad the 80 is working. Congrats on the progress and hope to see you posting post pics.
  6. Go back, tell him what's going on and I'm sure he'll put you back on for a month or 2. Hope everything gets better. I'm on the first week of my 3rd month of 80mg a day and it's working great. Good luck!
  7. OK cool, thanks for the info. So does anyone know if I should be more clear by now or if this is average for a complete 2 months?
  8. Thanks! I guess I do have a bit of that? My derm hasn't mentioned it. Only thing he's mentioned is maybe sending me to a place that does laser treatment for scars. Does Accutane help the hyperpigmentation at all or does it make it more noticable? Also, I don't know what that scar looking thing is on the upper left part of my back. Looks like a scar from a cyst maybe? It's under the red inflamed one about 2 inches down. Looks like a deflated blister maybe?
  9. What is hyperpigmentation? And yeah, I hope whatever it is fades with time lol.
  10. So, I'm starting my 3rd month of Claravis. First month was 40mg a day. Jumped to 80mg a day for second month. So far, the 80mg is starting to work (I think). Here is a pic from day one and where I am starting month 3! My wife says it's clearing up fast, but to me I see minimal results What do you see? Here is the OLD PICTURE: Here is the NEW PICTURE (starting 3rd month)
  11. Thank you very much! I hope so too! Glad to hear about your cousin's success! So far it looks like it's working miracles! Hi Chase. Congrats on your success! Maybe I can bug you for some advice. I finish my first month this week. I am on 40 mg and my derm wants to raise me to 80 mgs for the second month. This seems pretty high to me, as I a weigh 125 lbs. May I ask how much you weigh? Also, my side effects are manageable right now, but still pretty annoying. The dryness and all are a pai
  12. So, I just had my appointment to start my 3rd month of Claravis. I started my journey with one 40mg pill a day for 30 days. 2nd month the doc upped the dosage to 80mg a day. I must say, I am extremely thrilled with the results I've seen thus far. My face wasn't the issue of my acne, rather my back. The only side effects I've had thus far are; cracked and chapped lips, face peeling mildly under bottom lip & chin area, and my eyes are really sensitive
  13. Been on Claravis for about a month and a half now. Started at 40mg once a day, now I'm at 40 2x a day. Been on 80mg for a couple of weeks. And since that higher dosage, my face is starting to peel on my chin, right under my bottom lip. My lips are very dry and flaking every day and the corners of my mouth have been cracked since the 2nd day on 80mg a day. I'm wondering, should I put Neosporin on my mouth to heal the cracks? Seems Aquaphor isn't worki
  14. Ok, I have been on Claravis 40mg for a month. Just started 80mg yesterday. (start of 2nd month) My face has always been clear, not why I'm on accutane. I'm on it because my back breaks out constantly. Anyways, my face is getting EXTREMELY shiny but it's not oily at all. Very weird to me because I used to have really oily skin and now the oil is gone but the shine is VERY obvious. I have tried not washing my face for a couple of days and it's still there. Tried
  15. Haha thanks. The pics don't do it justice. My face has always been clear. I've tried everything for my back & nothing has worked. This do far is, so I'm sticking to it. I have had cystic acne, PAINFUL, cystic acne on my back for about 10 years or more. Ive had all I can take. But thanks for the compliments.