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  1. i was told, since i was already thin, i said ARE YOU SURE??? and i was told it won't cause any visable hair loss, and if anything it would just be some light shedding, much light every day anyhow, maybe slightly more, but you'd never see it, and it grows back anyhow. my derm knew of my past quams with my hair and severe worry and said he would never tell me to take it if he thought for one second it would cause me any trouble, knowing my other cosetic concerns on top of it. i trusted him, let's
  2. THANKS, i'll check that out now. all the eye dr did, was tell me (no restatsis right now but he didn't really wanna prescribe that anyhow, preggo or not), but idk what else to do, all he did was give me some 'blink' and tell me to use that and/or genteal, so i have the night and day formulas of that, the refresh pm, and celluvisc (sp?), and blink. idk which works 'best', but the oily overnight ones, leave me slimy all day long, so i don't use 'em. idk what else to try if even he is telling me t
  3. i started with one bump on my cheek and that was enough, i was HATING IT. i used to have terrific skin and that is so long gone, that every new thing is beyond devestating. i can't cope any more. the derm refused to do anything, saying it's not large enough and would be a worse scar. it's not his face though. grr! well at least it was just one right? HA. then it was around nearly 2 yrs mind you, and then i started to get more, and more, and FAST. i now have about 20 of them, (at least. i don't
  4. i understand believe me. i started with one bump on my cheek and that was enough, i was HATING IT. the derm refused to do anything, saying it's not large enough and would be a worse scar. it's not his face though. then it's been around nearly 2 yrs mind you, and then i started to get more. i now have about 20 of them, and idk how to stop them or get rid of them. if they are all too small to cut out, then what do i do? just go on getting disfigured by whatever the BEEP this is happening to me?
  5. It's taken forever for me to get back here. i apologize. iam QUITE convinced that accutane, does NOT cause any fertility problems. i didn't get pregnant for 3+ years, and 4 months post accutane, which 3 was my comfort zone, but 4 even better, i got a BFP, and now, am 3 months pregnant, with TWINS!! so far both are PERFECTLY healthy, and i don't expect that to change, due to any accutane. i told my ob, FEARFULLY, i will admit, because they deal with babies, and so if i got a negative resp
  6. hey ladies, i just wanted to update and say, me and my husband (now TTC), after accutane, which is good for s to share these stories...went for IUI this past cycle, and i'm 12 days past my iui/ovulation now, and unfortunately, a negative test so far. wahh lol. don't mind me i'm quite hormonal, at the moment. i'm 3 months and a week and 1/2 POST accutane, and very confident when we did go thru, where conception would be 3 months off, from last i took the evil drug in question, that was much mo
  7. WOW, alot to read here! WAHHHH i can't see the video dang it. it may have been removed? i'm really interested to see:( The general population has a 1 in 6 chance of facing fertility problems..i was already one of those 1 in 6, for whatever reason, eventhough i was regular, suspected endo cause of the pain w/ periods, BUT i have read zero about it truly affecting fertility, much like birth control, i'm sure the ingrediants (hormones and what have you), can cause irrgular periods a couple mon
  8. I'M IN THE EXACT situation! i took accutane, in a total of 72 days with a break inbetween because i had some HORRID side effects, and eventually my oily skin wasn't worth all the things that scared me reading over the internet, and felt for myself, however when you are desperate, you do what you must at any cost and think LATER, at times, but i wish there was a better alternative but no derms or even plastic surgeons have given me any for my skin the oil is SOOO horrendous that even on accutane
  9. ok..iam in my early 30's, and i have not many breakouts, and i hope there is an end to all acne soon enough for everyone here, people with nice clear skin they just don't appreciate what a great gift they have been given but i hope we all get there someday and soon. i've been to severeal derms now and after lasers, and a couple levulans, retina, everything they said they could do, my massive pores continue to grow larger, and into eachother forming large scars on my face that i litterally can j
  10. I have a handheld red/blue light from ebay. i put retina directly on any blemish or blemishy area (aka breakout) and use the light for like 5 minutes blu a few minutes red, and i notice in the morning things are always greatly improved where things would last far longer w/ just the retina or nothing...so i think it does work and mine was like $60
  11. thanks for your experience sweetie, u r making me feel alittle better about it. do u have any awful side effects u read about? how long of a cycle does he or she have u on? my oil glands are crazy over-productive. what i want more then anything is to be able to put on my makeup, and go for hours w/o looking like an oily freak. i used to put on my face and go throughout the day with some minimul touch ups along the way, starting at like 8am, now i put my makeup on RIGHT BEFORE i leave the hous
  12. so far two dermatologists, 1 very well known here in ny, and i went to him to get a levulan to try and avoid accutane, and i wanted to see if he'd think it drastic for me to be on accutane, and he agreed with the first guy that it would help me tremensously. i could wash and blot my face all day and night, i always look like someone dumped water over my head. i look like a wet sponge all of the time and my poor makeup, looks disgusting but i need the coverage. i got large pores, VERY large that
  13. ok....i had a levulen appt a few months back and it was on 1/2 hr used with blue light, and didn't even redden my skin. i have stubborn tough to treat skin, its VERY VERY oily, way more then anyone i have ever met in my life and has only increased with time and age, and extremely HUGE holes in my face, looking worse then spongebob i mean iam a human sponge and they just keep increasing and increasing, and while oddly i don't get much of any acne like one would think, the drs have given me two op
  14. thanks sweetie! i pm-ed you back just now, we got so much in common! hope to talk again soon, you really helped me:) one day, one hour, one minute at a time right? xoxo oh and to add tot hings i tried i forgot to mention i had 5 ipls, and used mama lotion for months. anyone know a way to kill oil, great products for that and for keeping makeup less oily all day. i can't use those matte sheets cause my makeup is thick and it just doesn't work, it makes marks in it that i can't fix, so i need
  15. i hear ya! same here it's done nothing for me, same strength, alittle longer i've been using, but NADA. i hope you get some more answers here cause iam curious to, i know i have 'heard' it can take 6 mos or more, but i feel like giving up, idk what to do. keep me posted. it is a low strength..i think the lowest which might be part of it, but i have sensitive skin so its all i tolerate. i use desonide at night for mild roseacea..used to use finasea (sp?) to. idk if any of that stuff helped me wi