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  1. I'm sorry, I laughed at this. Not only because your boyfriend is a turd, but somehow you pull strength from his words of crap. I already responded to other comments like this a number of times explaining that when he said this about my skin he wasn't being mean. When I said he 'commiserated with me', I was referring to when I would complain to him about my skin and ask 'when is it going to go away?' and he was joke with me and complain too, but then point out that the more I worry about it, t
  2. Wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but I was wondering if anyone know if there is a link between acne and dandruff? I have acne but I also tend to get dandruff and I wanted to ask if anyone else has to deal with both of these skin problem?
  3. Thanks! I'll wait it out since it's only been red for a few days and I think my face did get a little more red for a week or 2 when I started the Retin-A. I've been good with the drying and not had any peeling because I am a moisturizer maniac! I just clean my face with the Simple cleansing lotion and then use cetaphil lotion after I wash my face and THEN cetaphil lotion with spf. It's a lot but I have no flakes! At least the acne itself is finally going away... now I just have to wait f
  4. So I was using Retin-A 0.01% and have slowly been transitioning into tazorac 0.1% gel and a clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel mix. I was on the Retin-A for 7 weeks before I started to use the tazorac and clind/bez mix and have been doing the tazorac only every 3 nights with the retin-a in between for the past 2 weeks. Today my face feels like it's burning. It has just felt warm all day. It is also looking really red. I'm breaking out way less, but the scars from my initial
  5. Thanks so much! I see that you are currently 98% clear which is giving me hope! I used the spot treatment she gave me right away and then used the stronger Retin-A last night, and the painful acne around my chin and jaw is already feeling/looking better (still really itchy though)! So I'm hoping this is a good sign! It has been sooo painful for the past few days and today when I woke up I was actually laying on my side without pain on the side of my face! I have only had one cyst flaring up
  6. Hi, I've been on Retin-A 0.01% for 8 weeks and just saw the dermatologist today. It has helped a bit for the top of my face, like nose up, and gotten worse from my nose down. She said skin-wise I would be a great candidate for Accutane but practicality-wise it's not an option. She gave me two new prescriptions... one is for Tazorac 0.1% which is basically a stronger version of what I was already using, and the second is a mixture of 1% clindamycin phosphate and 5% benzoyl peroxide gel f
  7. I've gotten this before... I know that this isn't what youre supposed to do, but this is what I did... I basically squeezed it from the front and back of my earlobe as if I was trying to make it flat and it popped but like inside my earlobe. nothing ever came out, but I felt the cyst burst. Fast forward a few weeks and it's back. I did the same thing again and it burst internally again. It hasn't been back since then and that was about a year ago. I've had sebaceous cysts before on m
  8. Look into the products you're using too. I had acne in high school and I always figured I would grow out of it and just used otc acne medication in the meantime. Once I was 18 it did start to get a lot better, but never fully went away. Then my boyfriend pointed out to me that when we met my skin was really clear and asked what I had been doing at that time. Then I realized that I had actually only been washing my face every few days with cetaphil my friend had (I was traveling at the time).
  9. I think there is some genetic factor, but you have to also look at your mom's skin and your uncles and aunts. My dad has always had great skin. Even now at 51 he barely has any wrinkles. My mom's skin was great when she was older but when she was in her early 20s she got acne. My Dad's brother has a lot of scars on his face from acne when he was younger, although he eventually grew out of it. I'm in my early 20s and I have acne. I'm hoping it will go away like my mom's did and not get real
  10. They look like they're probably just closed comedones. Google it and you can see picture of what they are. Basically just clogged pores. I had a bunch around my jaw as well that looked exactly like that, but now that I'm using Retin-A it has turned them all into inflamed pimples. Urgh so annoying.
  11. I am definitely self conscious about my skin still... but it helps a lot to have someone you are close to that can be light hearted about it. It sucks a lot when you are breaking out and just don't feel like you look good, but I try to remind myself that at the end of the day I have a great family, great friends, someone that loves me, and I'm healthy. I live in a beautiful place and have everything I need to live comfortably. So I have acne, it could be way worse.
  12. Holy shit, he actually said that? ... Everyone is getting all up in arms about this! He doesn't ask it in a serious manner. I'll complain to him and say 'when are they going awayy?!' and he'll say it back to me in a joking manner (this is what I meant by commiserating with me) and then tell me that he knows they're not permanent so I don't need to worry about it. They will go away eventually. He actually proposed to me while I was breaking out really really really bad and when I said 'you
  13. Thanks guys! Actually the damage today doesn't look too bad... so hopefully everything will clear quickly. At least I don't let myself be antisocial. I'm really proud of that. Usually I'm self conscious when I go out at first since I've been going makeup free, but after a while in other peoples company and without a mirror I forget about it.
  14. Ughhh just need somewhere to admit that I've just gone picking crazy. I just had a pimple that self popped, and then I saw a whitehead so obviously I had to go for that... and then... I just went mad. And squeezed everything. The thing is, I'm using Retin-A right now and my skin is so thin that EVERYTHING pops, even if it looks like this blind pimple, nope it's like a volcano. I'm also in my 6th week of the treatment so I get like 5 new whiteheads a day minimum. OKAY I am going to see m