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  1. Yeah, I did lose a little weight but like I said it's only for two or three meals of the day. Go crazy that third meal if you need to or split it up with 1/4 protein carb 3/4 fruits and vegetables. it's not so much about eating less it's about packing more fruits and vegetables and fibers into your diet. Then, sticking with it for a long time. Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RH5K26I?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Vitamin Bounty - Pro 50 Probiotic... https://ww
  2. I couldn't agree more with the idea of major diet change to clear up acne. Especially a diet really high in fiber. I don't want to re-type my post, but this is what worked for me at 37. Finally looking forward to being out in the sunshine in summer again!
  3. Check out my post here. I was having some pretty dark thoughts come the end of last year having has cystic acne since tee years (37 now), but came up with a natural strategy that has worked for me to clear my lifetime acne in about 4.5 months. PM me with any questions. I love sunshine in public again lol and looking forward to summer like never before.
  4. sharpshooter, go check out my post below. I almost did a 3rd round of Accutane last year and I'm 37 (first round was 18), but I solved my problem naturally thank my lucky stars.. after making a few connections to past results. Might work for you and you don't need to poison your body with high doses of a vitamin a derivative.
  5. Well, interestingly, I'm 37 and had face and shoulder acne since my teen years that responded to anti-fungal medicines. They stopped working over time, but I'd notice a complete reduction when taking them. In a strange connection, I ended up getting inflammatory colitis late late last year and my acne cleared completely. I started to make the connection that I might have gut microbiome that makes me sensitive to acne with the source being fungal infections. Basically, your health starts in your
  6. I wanted to come back and update this post as after about 1 month the sulfur treatment stopped working. I was quickly tossed back into the throws of full on cystic acne and didn't even want to go outside unless I had to. It had been about 3 years since I had seen a dermotologist. So, I figured I would concede defeat and go ask for another round of accutane and deal with the side effects, which have already been bad from my last two rounds. After about 2 minutes of looking at my skin under a
  7. I have had acne problems since I was in high school and I'm 32 now. Like most folks here I tried many dermatologist prescription solutions and for years benzaclin worked wonders. However, my skin eventually adapted to it in my early 20's and the cystic acne came back. I went on a relentless search for a solution trying lasers, juicing, herbs, large vitamin doses, oil cleansing, facial probiotics, internal probiotics, facials, acids, red and blue light therapy, sulfur soaps, triclosan, gluten
  8. I tried all the 'xxxx free' diets as well, but when it all came down to it my solution from the OP was 500mg of TIME RELEASE, and I stress time release, B5 with 500mg of l-carnitine once in the morning. Non time-release B5 didn't work for me. Also, you need to find the smallest dosage that works as I did 2000-3000mg of B5 a day at one point and while my face was perfect my hair started falling out and I started getting stomach pains and odd health issues. Now, i can eat whatever I wa
  9. What does your diet look like? I had terrible cystic acne up until age 30 until I cut out refined sugars, processed food, and wheat gluten and brought in loads of essential nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, good carbs, lean meats, some raw(sushi) by eating raw veggies, nuts, lean meats, and systemecially healing foods at every meal. Now, I only get a few spots here and there. Takes about 3-6 solid months to cleanse all the existing acne from your face and to let your body reconfigure i
  10. lol thanks for the close ups of your schnoz dude, my life is now complete. Take a chill pill, use your head, and stop believing everything you read online from random people. Although, this might just be your personality and nothing can be done. That being said, I'm a random person, but solved my acne issues and took the same meds you have so... 1. The benzoyl peroxide in the duac has caused your large pores. Well known. I have the same thing after using it for years. Although I don't have
  11. Here is the short version that cleared my cystic acne of 14 years (I’m 30) and _in order_ of how effective each one was in helping me get rid of it. I’ll let you do the research. I'm about 95% clear right now and it took about 4 months to get here with most of the results appearing towards the end of the 4th month. Keep in mind that it takes a long time for your body to change or adapt to something new and if you don't give something new a chance for at least 3 months you'll never know if it wou
  12. I had your exact attitude toward my acne about 1 year ago. I hated it so much I thought to myself 'the side effects are worth it, I'll take 10 years off my life to enjoy clear skin for the rest of those days'. That was such a stupid way to think as you have no idea how Accutane will impact your body or if it will even work long term. Right now you are simply going through a psychological process of self justification being blind to the consequences with a fairytale hope that Accutane will solve
  13. You can get away with not buying a juicer. I didn't get one as all it does is separate the pulp / fiber from the juice of the veg/fruit. I use a blender, a plastic bowl, and a fine strainer, which you can get for a total of $50 at target. The strainer has hooks that fit over the lip of the bowl to hold it a few inches from the bottom. Pour your blended mix in, shake it gently, and the separation is done. Also, make sure you add at least a cup or two of water to the blender and slowly add chopped
  14. I'm 30 years old and have had cystic acne since I was 14. I just finished another round of Accutane about a month ago. It was great to have clear skin for 8 months, but being a rational human being you realize that it is temporary relief and that you cannot put your body through an over dose of a vitamin A derivative forever. Anyway, the oil came back full force along with the acne (deep cystic acne) and I came back to these forums to look at another alternative. I think very systematically and
  15. That dosage is way too high in my opinion for his weight. My first round of accutange was 20mg / day and I was 190lbs. I had dry lips and felt a little 'down' sometimes but that's about it. My 2nd course was 5mg every other day. Both cleared my skin (although the acne came back each time), but was clear for years in between. If you get a lot of side effects ... reduce the dosage. Just basic logic.... studies clearly show a linear relationship between side efects experienced and level of d