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  1. does anybody know how to start/post a new topic in the forum area? I can't find this anywhere!
  2. DermBlog

    Me, Myself, And Dermatillomania

    Hello all! First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. This blog will not only help me, but my main goal is to reach out to others in hopes of finding the strength to pull through the obstacles of dealing with dermatillomania. A little about my story... I can always remember having an odd obsession about my skin, and as years progressed it has only gotten worse. I've always been concerned about making sure my skin was in the absolute best shape po
  3. I went on accutane for moderate acne, that was always persistant. I was on accutane for 5 months, and I have now been off of it for 6 months. I've had clear skin up until a month ago. The last month I have been breaking out, and I think its time for a second course. My acne is not as bad as it was before... but It's still coming back. Has anyone taken a second dose? If so... is it better the second time around? Will my dosage of accutane be lower, or the same as my first round? Also, will
  4. I finished my accutane 6 months ago. Have had clear skin ever since! I wanted to get off birth control, so I did. I started breaking out a little bit, so I went back on birth control... I am on my third week of getting back on Tri-Sprintec birth control, and Now I have a ton of SMALL red bumps all over my forehead and now its moving down to my nose. So my questions are... -Is my accutane failing, after 6 months of clear skin? Or is it my birth control making me break out? - If I go off
  5. DermBlog

    6 Months Post Accutane... Help, Please?

    Jennifer... before you started accutane, how bad was your acne? And thanks girls... I may just be overreacting!
  6. DermBlog

    6 Months Later- Thank You Accutane!

    Are you taking birth control?