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  1. I'm just going to say this, I'm done counting days. I think that counting days will end up messing with your mind. I will tell you this though, I did 24 pills of 20mg and 20 pills of 40mg. And no, not 48 days. I and starting to notice the beinging of the first break outs., and my skin is yet to be dry. I have had a few headaches, like 2 since I started 40mg. I got to say I hate the mirrior. In my mind, its and instant downer. OH and digital pictures... I hate camaras. This isnt new, but i have n
  2. Hello, once again. Let me break this down. Yesterday on the 24th of March i was uped. Form 20mg to 40mg. Right now i am only taking once-a-day. So far the only side effects of my course of medication is dry skin. Not very dry, and as a matter of fact, its not even on my face. I am experiancing dryness on the back side of my arms (Tricepts) more so on my right arm then my left. This would be the only thing worth stating as a side effect. I have had 2 head ahces, which wernt even bad. Seriously
  3. Well.. what can i say? It's been 14 days and i am working on my second pack of Claravis. I take one-a-day everyday. There isnt much to say, which I don't to be a good thing or bad thing. My skin has been clearing up' it hasny got dry... yet. It might be because I'm only taking 20 mg once a day. It also might be the Prednisone (Anti-inflamatory) I have been taking along with Claravis. I hate my phone's camara... [ Regards, ZackaryTheHopeful
  4. Thank you Samanth, Fedner06, and Hgresz! @Samantha, I am going to use Dial NutriSkin Replenishing lotion a hypo-allergenic and fragrance free lotion. But im thinking about make a investment of a good face lotion. Good luck to all of you!
  5. am on 20mg of Claravis as well. only on day 3 tho. good luck
  6. Well today I picked up my perscription for Claravis (Generic Accutane). ii an to take one 20mg capsule a day. I took one today with plenty of water and food as directed. I an excited to see how my journey will go. I will post picures later to day as a before reference. I will post a picture, or two (one of each side of my face), every two weeks. I will also list my side effects every week. Thanks, ZackaryTheHopeful
  7. Well I got cleared today to fill the prescription so I just might do the picture every month or 2 pictures a month.
  8. Okay, so recently I was prescribed Accutane (well the no Accutane, but the genaric stuff. I don't know how to spellit.). I have acne since the 6th grade. I got my blood work done and waiting. so all the antiboiotics get out my system. I have tried all of the T-word antiboiotics, tetra, doxy, minocycline (I think that's how its spelt). I alway was on differn .03% for a while, got off that. Then went to Rettin A .025%. Nothing workes. So I ask my docter if I could go to a derm and he referred me o
  9. Hey, my name is Zackary, and I have had ance since the 6th grade (I am now a senior in high school). I only started breaking out on my nose, then to my chin, then forehead, then my cheeks. Staring off slowly then progress there after. By the time I was in high school my face was cover with red bumps and ugly white head. No matter what I did, or do, it never cleared up, even just a little. So about my jounior year I decide I has enough and went to seek prescribtions instead of the useless OTC pro