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  1. So yeah I didn't get dermarolling or dermastamping after all but i've gone to two single needling session and it's been pretty satisfying for me. The thing is I've read that people tend to let the skin heal for at least one month before doing another session here but no one in Thailand seem to do this??? My course is also once every two weeks and the skin where I got needled looked like I just popped the pimples for the first few days after the session but all the red spots are gone after about
  2. I thought I was the only one to notice! Car mirrors are the worst!!!!!!!! and also natural day light makes scars look super noticeable :'(
  3. Hi, I've noticed that no one had replied to this question but I'm very curious as well. Have you tried it anyway?? Please let me know the result!
  4. yeah now the bruises are all gone and my skin is looking much better! I'm very happy with the result and planning to go back again.
  5. I just did the skin needling by a cosmetician.. The spots that he did bled and the redness disappeared within a night. However, they still look like tiny bruises. Is this alright? I'm really worried my scars are getting worse :'( :'( :'(
  6. @nelo18 Is your skin condition similar to her? I'm sorry it hasn't worked out for you. I'm getting mine done this Friday... Hopefully I'll see some results..
  7. HI Lange, Sorry she didn't mention about the length of the needles. I guess the dermatologist just picked the needles that were suitable for her scars.
  8. Hi All, I've never posted or replied any threads here but I've been observing for quite awhile. First of all, my acne scars are not severe... but I hate when they look very noticeable especially when I put make up on so I've been looking for the most effective way to get rid of them. I've been interested in the needling methods... but I hadn't found any websites that really showed the genuine results from real people until this blog that I'm going to show you. It is written in Thai, I'm sorr