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  1. Back with an update, its getting smaller and smaller, now its a lighter red tone (closer to my skin tone) It appears shiny in the photo but its much less "hard" and reflective, and more soft and just a bit of a bump, maybe in a week it will finally be ca-poot This taught me a valuable lesson, patience. Please please please do not irritate your acne, I wanted this thing to go away so bad that I poked myself with a steral needle and two cotton swabs trying to pop it but to no avail. I desper
  2. update so now its brown and I suppose its finally but painfully.. going away... painfully long time
  3. yeah and I don't want hyperpigmentation on my nose... its so noticeable :/ man update, this is what it looks like without the icing down, agh its still the same size with dried benzyl peroxide
  4. aww now im hesitant to get a shot but this thing isnt improving... I want it off my face but I don't want scarring or remnants of the shotdamn
  5. its actually been the same size throughout little bastard is hard to rid of it seems
  6. I'm at my end, initially 3 weeks ago I was going to go to my dermatologist (and I hate him cause he is awful at his job) but I missed the appointment so I said you know what I'll wait it out I guess... was I ****ing wrong this thing (nodule? maybe) has been on my nose for the past 3 1/2 weeks, I hate it so much, I put ice on it and I also put on benzyl peroxide (yes I am on dan's regimen) but this thing does not want to go away. Yesterday I took two cotton swabs, some alcohol and tried to