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  1. You're starting to understand. Accutane seems to have chemically castrated some unlucky small percentage who used it. Having some type of pre-disposition to sexual dysfunction that is involved with having acne is the only other explanation if it is not Accutane that caused these symptoms. like eat more more more of accutane then
  2. I'm talking about problems achieving an erection or losing one's sex drive when taking Accutane or after. The question is, does these types of problems happen relatively often in young people with acne who didn't take Accutane? lmao wtf mayb u should like search meds for not being able to pee every minute of ur life either xPP hey mate castrate urself nd u will get rid of this dysfunction man?
  3. i hv no idea wht ur talking abt y would i notice correlation between smth like tht? y r there sexual side-effects??? of wht?? nd wht r severe sexual symptoms?? r u becomeing severely sexy suddenly? (afterall..) well i guess severe sexual symptom for u could b loosing ur shet acne?? so in a way ur right tho!
  4. Yes. like whuuuut?? or i guess ur dreams werent face related i guess :T
  5. actually forget abt demodex mites and everything else bcs.. genomic parasites
  6. did ur dreams came true? i did the 'try everything possible only to make tht shit even more resistant' part tho...
  7. when u laugh it leaves little line thts also kinda red n irritated, its nt so much or no at all on other cheek. i dnt wanna get no fuking smile lines, too early for tht shit nd im nt taking them ever either! idk if the area is tht dry tho bt it is obv a elasticity problem. on wht places did u hv wrinkles? yesterday I SWEAR i was hving somekinda scarring type of thing going on on my cheeks after using clean n clear white mud mask (never happened before) bt today everythings gone!! hv u ever ha