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  1. It's a whole since I posted so I thought I would provide an update on progress. I have to say that things aren't going brilliantly. My daughter's dermatologist increased her prescription to the full dose of 80 per day instead of 40 just over three weeks ago. She was already suffering dry skin, cracked lips and a recurrence of ezxema, but now things seem much worse. The skin on her face has broken out in lots of spots, far worse than she's ever had and they've lasted for nearly two weeks. She ge
  2. Just another update on daughter who has been on Roaccutane since 21/12/04. She had a second appointment with the dermatologist on Saturday, following a blood test on the previous Tuesday. The dermatologist seems pleased with the results so far although he could still feel some cysts around the chin area. The rest of her face is looking pretty clear and there doesn't seem to be any scarring. He said he would have liked to put her onto the full dose instead of the half dose she's on because the lo
  3. Arpazia, Dermatologist has prescribed 40 mg per day for six weeks and then daughter will have a further appointment to review the situation in the light of blood test results and effect on her skin. As you say, at the moment her skin does look positively radiant. As far as moisturisers are concerned, I am fortunate in being able to afford to buy a pile of different ones for my daughter to try. Some of them have been stinging her now that her skin is so much more sensitive but she's finally set
  4. Well my daughter started to take the Roaccutane on Tuesday 21 Decmber 2004 so we're now starting week 3. So far the only negative effects have been a bit of dry skin. The positive effects have been significant - if a little varied! Overall the spots are definitely going and her whole skin colour and texture is changing to a real "peaches and cream" appearance. She's had one or two minor flare-ups but not as bad as she'd anticipated. She's quite prepared for things to get much much worse before t
  5. Unnamed soldier, I totally agree with what you say but (a) the dermatologist my daughter saw was about as unapproachable as you can get, (b) he is extremely busy and © since he probably hasn't taken Roaccutane himself, I'd like some feedback from the horses' mouths so to speak. Many thanks for all the reassuring messages. And I'll try to chill out about it a bit more Unlucky Guy but since I'm of the old "prevention is better than cure " and "forewarned is forearmed" school that's a tad hard!
  6. Hi, My 16 year old daughter has had acne for 6 years (it's been getting slowly worse over that time) and finally saw an NHS dermatologist yesterday. As she was hoping, he has prescribed Roaccutane, a drug which she has read a lot about and which until today I knew very little about. Having read various message boards on Roaccutane, I'm feeling pretty anxious about the whole thing. Daughter is doing her Grade 7 Singing exam in Spring and her GCSEs in Summer 2005. I've read that taking Roaccutan