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  1. Hello everyone~ I have a very deep and large pitted scar near my eye, near the tear duct. Any recs for an injectable filler that is permanent?? THANKS FOR ANY HELP
  2. lol yeah it's a lotion! like an all over facial moisturizer and acne treatment in one. if anyone has used it before i'd like to know if it broke them out.
  3. Is this any good or worth trying? I bought it but am kinda scared to use it cause I've heard very mixed reviews on it....like it causes bad breakouts and ruins your skin....any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hey Any recs for a good, moisturizer/sunscreen with SPF 30-60?? I really need one cause I'm currently having laser treatments. (syneron aurora) It would be for under makeup so I WOULD like it to be a bit shiny. But one that does not cause breakouts or irritation! Thanks so much!
  5. Hey! That's really nice of you to offer your products you don't need, I should do that lol. I'd be interested in either powder and/or the blush, but I can afford them......well if no one else wants them please contact me at [email protected] I'll pay for shipping! I'm in Vancouver, Canada. ~Meri
  6. Hey Has anyone tried this?? How is it?? I'm considering it for getting rid of my many horrible big red marks left from acne. It's like a combination of Intense Pulsed Light and PhotoFacial. It's $500 Canadian a treatment, or 5 for $1800. I'd need 5-10.....got a test patch done and it seems ok. I can't find much info on it! ANY help would be really appreciated!!! Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone for all the help! I appreciate it you guys are the best!
  8. Yeah omg i have the worst skin ever, it doesnt matter if i have no pimples, cuz i have TONS of big red marks, discoloration, scarring, very uneven tone.....also I have alot of small bumps everywhere under my skin that don't go away. I think it's horrible but with makeup people say it looks good. Anyways I know what you mean!
  9. Hey everyone! I wanna try MAC studio fix but I keep hearing it breaks ppl out bad, but it's really good and covers well...any opinions on it? Or could someone suggest a different powder that covers well, has a good shade selection...?? Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone~ok i waxed my chin...lol i kno gross but now i got like 6 small pimples or something where i did it!!!! They showed up a few hours after i did it so i kno it's from waxing. I dunno what to do, should i put on some prescriptions to clear it up?? ( i have tazorac, differin, clindamycin, pro activ, retin-a micro...) Or should i leave it alone? Please help! thanks!
  11. ok i waxed my chin lol there was just a bit of hair pissing me off, and now i got like 6 red pimples where i did it!!!!! They came like a few hrs after i did it. Theyre pretty small but i dunno what to do, should i treat them like acne? Or leave them alone cuz it's just irritation?? Pease help me out! Thanks!
  12. Hey everyone! does anyone kno form experience whats the best treatment for red marks? Mine are really really horrible and permanent...i was thinking about IPL? Thanks i'd really appreciate some advice...prescription creams havnt helped.
  13. I have the same problem but probably worse, i've got hundreds of those little white bumps and they've been thee forever-i mean like over a year, the same ones. Topical meds havent really done much and i've tried dozens. Yeah anyways if you find a way to get rid of them let me know!
  14. hey, well like i said before ive been on clindamycin 2% and tazorac 0.5% for a month and it hasnt been working at all. do u kno whats the best for whiteheads and red marks?? (i got dry, sensitive skin) thanks so much!
  15. hey,i've been on 2% clindamycin cream and 0.5% tazorac for a month now. i have like hundreds and hundreds of whiteheads but my skin's really dry and i also have very severe red scarring from zits i picked at years ago...but i never get pimples anymore. its only these fcking whiteheads that will NOT go away. i seem to be getting more and i dont kno if i should go back to my derm? he said i should be cleared up in 3 motnhs. well thanx for listening...