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  1. So I've been put on dianette for my acne and have been on it for about 3 weeks so far. My skin seems to have slightly improved, however I have been told its normally 2 months before you see substantial results, but thats not the issue I'm worried about. I've read in many places that Dianette can cause weight gain and I was wondering if the weight gain is cause directly by the pill, or the pill increases your appitiete and therefore you eat more and gain weight. I'm very controlled with what I ea
  2. Haha, sorry its late night here and I'm grumpy! I totally understand what you mean & It's just unfortunate wording he has used on the video, I totally get its just a treatment, but definitely a treatment that seems to work!
  3. Im only saying I and many other have tried it and it has worked for us! Never did I say that it will cure everybody's acne! Thats his wording not mine, you can take that up with him! I know what acnes like, its trial and error, somethings that work for some people don't work for others, I am only trying to help people cause it could work for them too, not saying its 100% definite, hun.
  4. Nope, eating the same, pretty sure i still live in the same place too! also, this is the guy who said the same thing worked for him
  5. So a few nights ago I was just looking at makeup tutorials on youtube, and I came across this guy who's channel is "gossmakeupartist" and watched his video about acne, in it he talked about how he had awful acne and came across Oxy10, he said it worked amazingly for him and reading the comments on the video, it looked like it worked for all of those people too. Now, I haven't had acne that long, only since about may, but I went on antibiotics and they kept it under control for a while, but soon
  6. Okay, so I'm on dianette and have been for a few weeks and so far it seems to be doing quite a good job of helping my skin. But the issue is, when the spots aren't raised anymore i am left with just the red patch, and it just looks like i still have all these spots all over my face. From the reading I've done I've gathered that these red patches take a while to disappear, so I was just wondering if theres anything i can do to speed that process up, I have a massive one on my cheek and I'd really