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  1. DAY 113 had breakout this week..like 5 big pimples came out....woke up this morning and noticed a huuuuge one coming...fuck my life
  2. Good luck man....i hope u dont get an initial breakout. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy... im almost entering into my 5th month and my face still looks like a red balloon with spots everywhere, but at least the acne stopped...i just get like 2 a week now.. accutane can be a roller coaster...
  3. UPDATE DAY 108 breakouts have finally stopped....finally... i feel so relieved this week. its a indescribable feeling. red marks have been fading too...i think it another month my face should almost be clear.. i think since ive been on 60mg this month and probably 60 again next month im goign to ask the derm to stay on this crap for 7 months. maybe on my last month ill try 80mg but that might be to riskyy i might break out. well yea thats my update.
  4. Update......day 100 i think? skin is starting to break out less now.. 2 weeks ago the breakouts almost completely stopped but this week about 10 more pimples came out..cysts too.. im in middle of 4th month why the FUCK AM I STILL BREAKING OUT im getting so pissed. im on 60mg/day ill probably have to go on this for 6-7 months. this is bullshit i thought my skin was done breaking out couple weeks ago then BAM this week got hit HARD with brreakout
  5. I broke out with cysts everyday for 3 months straight. i had a 3 month IB. my ib was so bad in the first month i had to go on prednisone for over a month and when i got off it it returned.....dont worry about your little IB
  6. Im at about day 85 and my acne finally started to stop breaking out.....month 4 should be your magic number. I broke out for first 3 months with cysts everyday.... at least it looks like you arnt breaking out with bad cysts... my breakout was x10 times worse than yours . But dont worry because month 4 will be your magic number bud.
  7. ur story sounds just like mine except way worse then 5 cysts.... i had about 50-70 active pimples a week from my initial breakout... im halfway through my 3rd month and still breaking out.... i try to find peace with myself when it gets me down. ive been hiding from people since i started this medicine. but i can tell the breakouts are getting less severe and i can see little improvement this month. month 4 will probably be my magic month. plus my initial brreakout started when i got my new job.
  8. DAY 67 i think? Got bumped to 60mg from 40mg this month doctor said i wouldnt breakout and i guess she was right. i broke out a little but nothing cmopared to as bad in first 2 months... i was scared wen she bumped me up to 60 without prednisone. im still breaking out everyday and im almost half way through my 3rd month. this is bullSHIT. side effects didnt seem to increase from 40 to 60 except i got rashes running up all over both arms and top of hands.
  9. how old are you now? and how old were you when u did your first course? how long did acne take to return?
  10. UPDATE: DAY 58 almost to the end of my 2nd month and still breaking out with cysts...but at least its not as bad as the first month... this is really starting to PISS ME OFF why am i still breaking out???? my face looks like a red balloon. i got a derm appointment in 2 days. ive been on 40/mg a day for last 2 months. if the derm bumps me to 60/mg a day then she better give me prednisone for like 3-4 weeks. i have EXTREMEMEMELY dry eyes so bad i had to get rostasis.. got rashes on bot
  11. i dont mean to be rude...but a lot of people, including me, would killlll to have acne as mild as that. But its your choice man..i hope this clears you up for good. its mild so it should clear up real quick. Good luck bro.
  12. UPDATE DAY 40. sorry i havnt updated in 3 weeks because i got a new job and i go to school full time sooo yea.. anyways ive been off prednisone for about 7 days now and i started breaking out a little bit more with about 5 cysts... i still wake up everyday with new pimples.....WHEN WILL IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my face looks like a red balloon because of all the scars. at least its not as bad as when i started it. ive been getting SUPER dry Eyes lips and skin. i got a crap
  13. i couldnt even concentrate in class. all i could think about was my face as it was pulsating with disgusting cysts everywhere. i was walking around with a hood on for 2 weeks .. DAY 22 Face only gets little break-outs now like 3-4 pimples a day...SOOOO MUCH better and happy my face ALMOST looks like it does before i went on accutane. my prednisone runs out on like day 35 or around there. hopefully my IB won't return after im done with prednisone.
  14. DAY 19 Update: got an emergency visit to dermatologist today to get my predisone refilled till end of my 1 month journey. Hopefully i wont break out into my second month.. ive been getting muscle weakness and back pains these past 5 days. i hope they dont stay for much longer i want to get back into the weightrooM! it looks like today i only had 2-3 active pimples instead of 50-70 active pimples a week ago before i took prednisone. prednisone works perfect!